10 Things I Discovered In 2010!

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Can you believe that 2010 is nearly over and we will soon be in to 2011, time really flies by when you are having so much fun, or is it when you’re getting older? Who cares!?

2010 has been a superb year for me it’s been one of those years where I have made loads of new blogger friends, tweeted my arse off and found that cheesecake is better when it’s cold 😆

So I thought I would take the time tonight to write a post on the 10 things that I have discovered in 2010, some may sound a bit crazy and some really simple, but to be honest, I’m in one of those crazy moods (friends of mine will know what I mean). Now a lot of you reading this may have followed my blog since it first started and some of you may have only just discovered Blazing Minds and yes you may be wondering what the blogs niche is, well it’s the niche of EVERYTHING 😆

I digress, let’s get on with this list shall we, I hope you enjoy this quite bizarre list, if you do then please leave a comment, so I can visit your bloggy type thing, if you don’t! Then leave a comment anyway, either way it’s all good for you and it’s all good for me 😆

10 Things I Discovered In 2010

  1. Mini windows vibrate when the temperature is around -9°c
  2. Absinthe is certainly a better beverage when mixed with ice-cold water and not room temperature.
  3. No matter how many times you try to watch EastEnders it’s still the same dribble over and over again.
  4. If you tell someone not to put their foot down hard on the gas in a car while driving in the snow, they still do it and spin the wheels anyway!
  5. Excessive use of a Nintendo Wii makes your whole body sore the next morning.
  6. Having a BlackBerry keeps you too much in touch with your social networks all the time.
  7. Prawns are still revolting!
  8. Dogs will always jump up you more when you are wearing white jeans!
  9. Public toilets will never be clean!
  10. Having Ozzy Osbourne on your TomTom gets you funny looks when you pull up at junctions with the windows down 😆

Well that’s it, I could probably add loads more, but to be honest, that last glass of wine is running around my head like a mad pilchard with a rubber chicken 😆 😉

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