4 Ways Of Bringing Life Back To Your Old Blog Posts

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If like me you have blogged for a while, you will no doubt have a large amount of blog posts that are sitting in the dark corners of history and dwelling on the point of no return!

But don’t let your old posts just sit and decay, you should make the most of them and bring them back in to the limelight, showing your readers, old and new, that your blogging has changed over the years or some of your old posts can still be relevant today.

There are several ways of revitalising your old blog posts and today I’m going to give you just 5 simple ideas that will enable you to bring some of those old blog posts back to life.

Tweet Old Post

A simple WordPress plugin that will allow you to automatically tweet out some of your older posts, by simply setting the plugin up with your desired options it will sit in the background and tweet out some of your “classic” blog posts.

Though this is the simplest method and a favourite with a lot of bloggers, you must remember to use Tweet Old Post with caution and setting up the plugin correctly, remember to exclude categories you don’t want tweeting out as well as setting enough time between tweets so they aren’t sent out too often.

Updating And reposting Your Old Blog Posts

There may be a time when simple updating one of your older blog posts is an ideal way of bring it back in to the limelight, if one of your blog posts is on par with something that is happening in the news or people are searching for a certain subject or keyword that the post is about then update the post.

By simply updating the post with more recent information and then reposting it will give the post another lease of life, not only will be reappear on the front page of our blog, but, it will also be the latest post in your RSS feed, this in turn means that it will appear in your subscribers RSS readers and some of them may have missed the post first time round.

Backlinking To Your Old Blog Posts In Newer Blog Posts

It’s such a simple thing to do and yet a lot of bloggers do leave this out of their list of things to do when writing a new blog post.

By simply linking back to some of your older posts, via keywords or related articles, you can show readers does some of the posts that you have already written on a subject. When using WordPress this is really easy to do with an option when adding links, simply select “insert/edit links” to add a link and then click on “or a link to existing content” then search for your keyword etc.

This will now give you a list of your posts containing your search term, then select which ever one you want to link to, it’s that simple.

Another method is to use a plugin such as SEO Smart Links, this allows you to add set keywords to posts and when these keywords are found they are automatically added to the newly published article.

I use both methods for my back linking and they do actually work like a charm and on the plus side they certainly improve your blogs SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Using The CommentLuv Plugin

I know what you are saying “How can this be used to for old posts?”

It’s ideal for bringing some love to your last 10 blog posts, ok they may not be very old, but think about it. There you are leaving comments on blogs enabled with CommentLuv and they will give you the option of which one of your last 10 post you would like to show (depending on the blog admins settings).

By selecting the older posts in the list will bring you not only a mention on another blog about that post, but as it is maybe 10 days old (depending on how often you post), it will also bring that post back in the minds of those reading the blogs that you may have commented on.

This is one of the methods I use myself when commenting on a CommentLuv enabled blog, unless my latest blog post is about a most recent subject, but then replies are useful to add one of the earlier posts 😉

So There You Have It!

Just some of the methods that I use myself for my blog, I know there are other methods and bloggers have their ways of bringing life back to old posts, but hey, I don’t want to do all the work 😉

So let me know, how do you revitalise your old blog posts?

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Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Hi Karen!
    Sorry, but Tweet Old Post is DEATH to any serious blogger. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something like “10 tips for Christmas Shopping” in the middle of July on somebody’s twitter feed, thanks to Tweet Old Post.

    Updating And reposting Your Old Blog Posts: before you do, make damn sure every link still points to a valid existing website. On blogger you just change the date to the current date: you won’t lose any search-engine traffic or links from other blogs that way!

    Backlinking To Your Old Blog Posts In Newer Blog Posts: every serious blogger should have been doing this already!

    CommentLuv is nice, but not available on all platforms. It’s really NOT crucial to a successful blog!

    Just my two pennysworth (again)



  • Hugh

    Another thing that I have been doing is being more conscious of my on-page SEO. I have been going back and tuning older pages so they start to rank for keywords. In the beginning, I was just writing and was not paying attention to SEO, so now I have to fix that.

    I am also finding a lot of old posts that are really short. I’m either filling those in to at least 250 words or deleting them altogether to raise the overall quality of my blog.

  • Kevin Smith Parr

    But this is something that i have been using for over an year now. I always do that, i link my new posts to my older posts if there is something substantial, it helps me in reviving the old posts as the traffic increases to the inner pages and the keywords that i had used that time also gets a push! it has been very effective for me

  • Mark

    I can vouch for using plugins that link out to keep an old post alive.

    Personally, I never turn off commenting on a post on my blogs.

    There is valuable user generated content to be had.

    This means that old posts keep getting pinged and crawled…:)

    Great article Karen.


  • Claire

    Backlinking to old posts in the news posts seems I great idea. You can write about something that has a relation with and old post, and in which the old posts gives information that is very helpful to the new post.

  • Tuning older posts is another factor to getting some views to your older posts, not sure about deleting older posts though, unless they are something that was important at that time and have no importance anymore 😉

  • Thanks Kevin for stopping by, some bloggers, believe or not, never think of doing this as they think once a blog post is posted that’s it, just forget about 😉

  • Thanks Mark, I did go thorough a stage of turning off comments, but I did notice a drop in views and after turning them back on views and comments increased again 😉

  • Thanks for the tips. I actually did some backlinking but not so much. This is the first time I’ve heard of CommentLuv and I haven’t noticed you were using it up until now. How about using LinkWithin?

  • Hey Dave your pennysworth is always appreciated 😉 😉

  • Jean

    Can I just say that I found that photo of the dog with the laptop to be extremely cute!

    My proffered method is to reference older blog posts when is it relevant.


  • I am bookmarking this post so I can refer back to it. Thanks so much for the information because I would like to update some of the blogs I did earlier. Sally

  • Chris

    Fantastic tips and funny timing as I just revamped this halloween costume post done a couple years ago. I’ve also been reworking a few older posts with some common SEO practices that are often overlooked and I have noticed an increase in traffic to those posts.

    Great tip about the “or a link to existing content” within wordpress I wasn’t aware of that feature – makes linking to older posts quite easy. 🙂

    Also your tip about Commentluv can be expanded on as well because you can actually link to just about any post on your blog not only the last ten… for example using the link to a specific tag or category will show the last ten for that tag or category so you can link to even deeper posts that way.

  • Thanks Sally and thanks for commenting over at BlogEngage as well 😉

  • I have joined the DoFollow club and added CommentLuv. Looking for serious bloggers to leave serious (or hilarious, your choice) comments. I also seek readers for my new series of humor articles on superheros with silly powers.

    I’ve been linking to my old posts, in large part because they have relevant information, and in part because I’ve read that it helpful for SEO. Re: updating old posts, I’ve been doing that “organically” to add material and fix mistakes. I also do postscripts when I have additional information.

  • Hey there, thanks for stopping by, I’ll be on my way to check out your blog shortly 😉

  • Sally Thompson

    Thanks for a very informative blog.. This will make me win in the blooger’s contest that I entered..

  • Great post Karen!
    Linking back to older posts is becoming more common. I as a reader really like that because I don’t know what I’m missing, so if the writer shows me something that will probably interest me as well, but has been written a long time ago then I know of it’s existence. I wont search for a post that I don’t know exists.

    For commentluv premium owners you are not just stuck to your latest 10 posts, because you yourself can choose what posts are in that list of 10 posts.

    Great dog picture btw. I have a similar picture of my dog on my laptop with glasses on 🙂

  • There is valuable user generated content to be had.On blogger you just change the date to the current date: you won’t lose any search-engine traffic or links from other blogs that way!Anyway, thanks for sharing.