Another year in Blogging as 2013 Finally Comes to an End

Where are they from

So here we are folks, the last day on 2013, the new year is slowing creeping up on us here in the UK and celebrations are starting to flow along nicely, with people getting their New Year parties started.

Now with every year, those wonderful people at WordPress and Jetpack send us our Annual report in the style of a lovely flashy page with fireworks above a skyline, so we thought, why not share it with your guys.

OK, we’ll start with some of the numbers that we were sent for 2013

Crunchy Numbers 2013

Some nice stats there for 2013 and no surprises that the constant updating article that I wrote on Little Venice Rhyl was the most popular for the year, it still pulls in a lot of readers to find out about the Victorian mystery below street level in the Welsh town.

Attracting the Visitors to Blazing Minds in 2013

Attractions in 2013

It still fascinates me that the older articles still had that pull for readers in the year, as you can see from the top 5 above are the ones that have you coming back and reading the most, maybe, just maybe, I should take the advice that is listed at the bottom of the screenshot!

Sometimes it goes to show that past articles, no matter how old, will always bring in people via the search engines that are looking for something that is not only interesting, but is of help as well.

How Did You Find Blazing Minds in 2013?

How did they find you

Besides from the search engines such as Google being the top source for those, sending in so much traffic and the key search terms have worked over the year.

But the referring websites, wasn’t really a surprise for me, as these sites are the ones that I have used the most to promote Blazing Minds and the likes of Facebook, Twitter and BlogEngage have always been a staple diet for incoming traffic.

Nice to see News360 listed in there, this is a reader that many people seem to be using lately and with Blazing Minds having its RSS Feed in there, people are now also finding the site, via entertainment, with the website and the mobile/tablet apps.

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Where Are People Coming From?

Where are they from

With the United Kingdom being a small country it is a little hard to keep the UK at the top of the list of countries that visit the blog, with most bloggers now being in The United States and India, it’s no wonder that these two countries are listed in the top 3.

But it only goes to show that the blog does have wide enough reach to get out there in the world and find people who enjoy reading Blazing Minds and the articles that have been published, not only for 2013, but also since the blog started back in 2008, have I really been doing this for that long!

Top Commented Post and Top Commentators

Who are they

So I wrote a little article about blogging, actually it was about how not to give up on your blog, the article was written at the beginning of the year and it was the most commented article of the year, showing that fellow bloggers and those new to blogging, just loved it.

Talking about commenting, see what I did there, commenting on blogs has always been something that fellow bloggers do and this year has been great with some very loyal readers that love to have there say and to those I say a big special thank you.

So thank you to JJ, Mandy, Slappy Bear, Richard and Thomas for keeping the flow of comments coming through in 2013, hope to see you all again in 2014!

An Added Bonus From Vizify

Throwing in a mix, I thought I would drop in my list my top tweets in 2013, thanks to those guys over at Vizify, so here they are:

My Top Tweets of 2013

One Last Thing To Say

A massive thank you to everyone that has supported Blazing Minds, the last 12 months have been amazing with everyone ReTweeting articles and sharing them on various network sites.

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Also, thank you to all those that I’ve had the privilege to work with at shows, events and some amazing gigs, thanks to Wheatus for letting us cover their Wales gig and to the team at Sci Fi Weekender for an amazing weekend, not forgetting Straight Jacket Legends for  the gigs they let us cover and T’Pau for a brilliant evening and to everyone else, so many to mention.

Happy New Year everyone 

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Wow, I aspire to have numbers like yours for my modest Agent 54 blog.

  • Thank you, your blog is popular, you do have quite a few comments coming in.

  • Fauzul Bahari

    Nicely done, 2013 gone and wrapped. Good stats you have there. Wishing BlazingMinds a good year ahead and may the stats at the next WordPress compilation be better :).

  • Hi Karen,
    Thanks for recalling everything once again. Hope 2014 gives your blog more prosperity and success.

  • Thank you, I can see 2014 being a good year for the blog.

  • Well done for these great figures. How is 2014 looking so far?

  • Thanks for stopping by, 2014 is going extremely well thanks for asking.