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Aloys: A Private Investigator’s Desperate Plea to End His Isolation

We’ve got some movie news for you today folks with not only the announcement of ALOYS being released on DVD but also released in selected UK cinemas and we have the dates for those.

HART and JOHNSON Crash on to DVD/Blu-ray in Central Intelligence

If you love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart in the madcap movie Central Intelligence then we have some news for you today. Proving that heroes come in all shapes and sizes,

The Flash: The Complete Second Season Release Dates

And as quick as The Flash the very popular series continues with new villains, new heroes and new challenges… Fans of the TV show will soon be able to catch up with the

Seaside Soul Brings The Best Music to Rhyl

It’s been an amazing day as Soul music came to Rhyl in the form of a free event called Seaside Soul to the outdoor Rhyl Events Arena. The event which I’ve been

Microwave Massacre – You Are What They Eat! – Review

After seeing Microwave Massacre you’ll probably never look at your microwave oven the same again! Originally released in the 80s, the film is certainly one that is so bizarre that sometimes you often

The Bloodstained Butterfly – Blu-Ray Review

I have to say I love watching the classic movies that Arrow Video are releasing, one of their latest releases is a remastered Blu-Ray release of The Bloodstained Butterfly an Italian movie directed

Timeless Franchises that Are Still Growing in Popularity

Some things are so timeless that they never go out of style, like mullets and moustaches… right? Well, the fickle world of fashion might discard trends more quickly than the Golden Snitch,

Win War Dogs Movie Merchandise

To celebrate the release of ‘War Dogs’ in cinemas August 26th, Warner Bros. Pictures and Blazing Minds offer you the chance to win… Some movie merchandise. From director Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”

Ratchet & Clank – A Video Game History – Part 2

Yesterday we brought you part one of our Ratchet & Clank special, celebrating nearly 15 years of gaming history behind them and now they have a brand new animated adventure, which is coming

Nordic Noir & Beyond Announce the DVD Box Set The Out-Laws

Here at Blazing Minds we’ve brought you news before about the Nordic Noir releases and even a few reviews, such as Trapped. We’ve just had the news that Nordic Noir & Beyond are releasing the

Ratchet & Clank – A Video Game History – Part 1

There was a time when the video game mascot was unstoppable, with Mario and Luigi, Sonic The Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot and Spiro all helping launch individual console systems for Nintendo, Sega and

Scream your Lungs out! Arrow to Release a Collection of Horror Classics

I do love a good horror movie and Arrow Video have announced several classic horror movies to be released this November, just in time for horror fans for Christmas. There  said the