Avatar Hits The Big Screen Again As a Special Edition!

Yes it’s true, the James Cameron’s masterpiece that is Avatar is hitting our cinema screens yet again!

Avatar Special EditionThis time Avatar has been released as a Special Edition with eight minutes of extra footage and also some new creatures have been introduced to the movie and hits the big 3D screens on August 27th.

James Cameron is no stranger to the Special Edition genre, remember Aliens, The Abyss and Terminator 2. But those films were released with their Special Editions on DVD, this time we get the Special Edition in the cinema and yes, still in its 3D glory, actually it’s exclusively in 3D sorry 2D only cinemas, looks like you’ll have to miss out on this one.

The question on everyone’s lips though, is even if the film does have that extra 8 minutes of footage and we do get to see that little bit more of Pandora, is it worth the money to spend 170 minutes on some cinema seats to see the majority of a film that you have already seen?

For those that haven’t seen the original cut of the film yet in 3D the answer is probably, yes. To those that have already seen the film, maybe no, but to the fans of the movie, such as myself the answer is a 100%, yes!

I do like Avatar, my God, I’ve seen it that many times and all in 3D and the chance to see a little more of Pandora and perhaps the hope of opening up the characters a tad more with 8 minutes of extra footage, does intrigue me, plus the fact that my local cinema @ScalaPrestatyn will be showing the Special Edition just entices me more to see it again.

So if you have seen Avatar 3D already, will you go and see Avatar: Special Edition?

And just to whet your appetite a bit more I’m leaving you with the trailer for the Special Edition, it’s short, but enjoy ;)

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

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Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham

15 Responses to Avatar Hits The Big Screen Again As a Special Edition!

  1. Justin Germino says:

    I wonder how long it will run for, I will not be able to see it that week, but I haven’t seen it in 3D yet and this would be a good chance.

  2. bbrian017

    Good for them I guess! They are making some good money from this film. I watched it and felt embarrassed to be human after the end!

  3. Ricky says:

    That’s great but I wonder if people will go to the cinema to see more 8 minute footage.
    I don’t see many differences in the trailer of the special edition.

  4. Tej Kohli

    James Cameron is capitalizing on his success the big way!! and a masterpiece that Avatar is, it makes total sense to watch it again!

  5. Kissie

    Karen, I think I’m the only person who still have not seen this movie. When I saw it being released again, I thought Cameron was still after my 6 bucks – I only do matinées. ;-)

    The previews/trailer showed me nothing interesting and when the movie came out, I was shocked to hear how people raved about it.

    Enjoy it again.

  6. James

    I’m one of those people who really enjoyed Avatar and had no plans of seeing it more than once. Still… I’m tempted. Not really sure why. :-| It’s not like me, heh.

  7. Wayne Howard

    I loved Avatar but boy are they really milking this thing. I have already seen it twice so I don’t think I would go to see it a third time just for 8 more minutes.

    You never know though, I may have a momentary laspe in judgement LOL.

  8. Colleen

    Avatar is among the best movies ever made in my opinion. We purchased the movie, and have watched it at least a half dozen times. Avatar is certainly making the most of their movie by having so many versions.

  9. Kati Zmich says:

    Avatar was incredible in 3D. I highly advise you go see it if you didn’t already. I went to the theater 5 times!

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