Aviary Screen Capture, A Handy Chrome Extension!

Now if like me you blog about websites now and again, then sometimes you like to take snapshot of a web page or even a portion of a website, in the past I have used some software to capture the screen and then edit it in PhotoShop.

Recently I came across a Chrome Extension called Aviary Screen Capture, this handy extension will add a button in your Chrome browser that when clicked will give you several options in capturing the screen that you have in your browser.

Aviary Screen Capture Options

But it doesn’t stop there, the Aviary Chrome Extension also has a built-in screen editor, so once your screen is captured you can edit it and the thing which I find useful is to cut and crop a section of the screen and then save it to your hard drive, ready for you to upload it to your blog post.

Aviary Screen Capture Chrome Extension

So this is a handy little Chrome Extension and one which I personally like to use and do find it very useful for the website reviews that I occasionally do, it’s great that now I don’t have to run one program to capture screenshots and then boot up PhotoShop to edit them, it’s all done from my Chrome Browser.


* Save to desktop, host online, or edit in other Aviary apps.

* Captures instantly.

* Screen capture of the visible portion of all web pages and images.

* Add visual notes like arrows, text and highlights to your capture.

* Crop your capture.

* Resize, rotate and flip your capture.

* Smart select and move of captured elements.

* Grab color information from the page.

* Quick launch 6 Aviary design tools: Image editor, markup editor, vector editor, color palette editor, effects editor & audio editor.

Check it out for yourselves, you may find it a useful extension for your blogging needs.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Hi Karen, Aviary is one of my favorite Chrome extensions and I use it every day. I love how it give you the options to save the .png file on your computer or save it to the web. I often do both. This give me a fast way to share the image on my Posterous blog with all of my notations included.

    I need to explore the other features one day soon too.

  • ashok

    Oh this is really, really excellent, esp. for web tutorials. It’s really good to hear people talk about Chrome’s functionality; I feel like that’s taken a while to hit the ground and get moving, but it looks like I’m going to have to give Chrome another try very soon.

    Thank you for the review! It’s always good to be recommended things: sometimes getting the tools one needs to blog well feels like a very impersonal process.

  • This reminds me of a plug-in called DashBlog I used for FireFox for a while, now that Windows 7 has the snipping tool, I just use the Snipping Tool to do all my screen edits. It does still require me to load my images in Paint.NET to resize or add borders and other touchups however.

    I like Snippet because it takes screen cuts of any open window on your screen, not just web sites which a browser plug-in would be limited to.

  • lees shizzle

    I am going to have to give this a look see. I have tried to screen shot images/pages for reviews etc. and darned if I have the patience to work it through. Maybe this will help, thanks Karen


  • Jorgen Sundberg

    Nice, looks a bit like the Firefox app Shot something which is really good. Are you using the Twitter application for Chrome where you can see who has tweeted a certain page? Works on any site and it’s really useful.

  • You might want to mention that there is a great Firefox addon too:

    Aviary Screen Capture & Quick Launch (Talon)

    Aviary has such great free tools.

  • chandan

    Thanks Karen for this information. We use fireshot for taking snapshot of our search engine ranking. This is one firefox addon and really very handy tool.

  • I enjoy nice screen capture utilities. We use Screenpresso and like the small list of features is has to offer.

  • Rakesh Solanki

    Generally I used firefox fireshot to capture pictures, but now i am planning to use google chrome. I will sure try this addon. thanks for sharing this info

  • Chrome is getting some good plugins, which is great considering the slow problems that Firefox seems to be having lately 😉

  • Ana Goncalves

    Sounds interesting, but is it really worth downloading it? That is the question!

    (Speaks a new Chrome user-2 days of use so far)

    • It’s worth downloading if you do take snippets from websites for blogging 😉