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Welcome to another in my series of blogger interviews, as mentioned before, each week I will be interviewing a fellow blogger who has kindly answered my blogging questions, so let’s get on with it…

Q: Please tell my readers a little something about yourself?
First I want to say thank you Karen for invite me for interview. Myself Chandan a full-time blogger also working in my own computer institute. I am from India, my state name is Assam. I am living here one small city.

Chandan SaudQ: Hi Chandan, so tell me about your blog, when and why you started it and how you came up with the name for it?
My blog Work At Home, Affiliate Programs, Make Money Online Database is all about work at home and blogging information.
When I started my blog on February I did not know anything about blogging. I am a person always thinks for doing something special. My aim was joining in engineering field, so I decided to join “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering” course. After I have finished my 3 years “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering” course I started to find job, but due to congestion in my field I did not able to get job in my field. So I left to find job and think for doing some other work that give me satisfaction. I was a regular internet surfer, so I though that might be there some opportunities to earn money from internet. I then start googling by searching like “internet jobs”, online jobs”, “make money online” etc. But at the initial time I was also victim of work at home scam. I lost money by joining one site that promises me to provide data entry jobs. After completed their work when time come about payment they refused to pay me money. I email them, even called them but they did not pay me money. I really felt very bad what happened with me. I joined in some work at home forums to ask people about some legitimate online jobs, most of the people were talking about scam site on the forum also. After all I came to know that all sites that promise for provide data entry jobs, ad posting jobs are all scams. So I decided to make one blog so that I can inform people about legitimate work at home jobs and aware people about work at home scams. Although I am blogging for money also but my first aim is to make my blog reader base.

Well I decided to name my blog as Work At Home, Affiliate Programs, Make Money Online Database, so that people can get all type of making money information on my blog. I have made many post on how to avoid work at home scam and what are the legitimate work at home jobs available on the internet. I am trying to give the full resource on legitimate work at home opportunities through my blog.

Q: Do you find blogging takes up a lot of your time?
I do not think about it because I am a full time blogger also enjoy blogging. When I gain my blog PR3 then I felt really very happy. My blog is top ten on google for different keyword like “google home affiliates”, legitimate work at home jobs” and like some other related keyword. My blog alexa rank is also now very good then before and traffic also increasing day by day. After all I am enjoying my blogging life. I better prefer to stay in front of my PC than go out for join party with my friends.

Q: Where would you say most of your traffic comes from for your blog?
As my blog is related to work at home so traffic from search engine is better than other traffic. So I always try to optimize my blog for search engine. I am getting most of traffic from google. According to google analytics my blog getting 62.74% traffic from Google, 24.49% from Referring Sites and 12.52 % direct traffic.
As I said before that my blog is top ten on different keyword, but my aim is to bring my blog top ten for keyword “work at home”, so that all work at home job finder can be able to know from my blog about legitimate work at home jobs and stay away from scam sites . Most of the sites that come top ten on search engines for the keyword “work at home” are scams, they are just luring people by advertising like “earn daily $300 to $500, no previous experience needed and hunting money from people. I want to beat all those sites on search engine and bring my blog top ten on search engines. I know that it is no so easy work, but I have confidence that I can do.

Q: Do you use social networks to promote your blog and if so which ones would you recommend to other bloggers?
Yes I use social networking for promote my blog. My favorite social networking site is stumble upon, lately twitter is also going favorite for me. You can follow me at @moonheart Stumble Upon is my favorite social networking site because this site is really amazing than other networking sites. I was busy on stumble upon almost one month to know how to gain traffic from it, as people say that they get daily thousand visitors from SU. I came to know yes it is possible, but I can not expect such amount of visitor on my blog. There are some point I have noticed on SU on gaining traffic
1. Your blog should have very attractive look and should not have much advertisement above the fold.
2. The story that you submit should have unique, I do not get traffic as my blog post on work at home are not so unusual.
3. The more friend you have on SU, more chance for getting review on SU and that means more chance for getting traffic.
But traffic comes from SU is not so valuable because they do not stay much time on sites, so the bouncing rate is so high. The SU visitors can surf lots of sites for using tag just only by hitting the “Stumble” button. So we can not expect for monetizing our blog by SU traffic.

Q: If you could give some useful advice to new bloggers, what would it be?
My advice to new blogger that please do not blogging thinking about make money only, first try to expose your blog from the crowd, once your blog become brand on the blogsphere then you do not have to follow money, money will follow you. Furthermore you can really enjoy your life by blogging.
I wish all the best to all new blogger and my all blogger friends.

Thanks Chandan.

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