Blazing Minds and Friends Snowdon Charity Walk


Some of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter (@BlazingMinds) may have seen me mention something about a Charity Walk that I’ve been organising recently.

The Story Behind The Snowdon Walk

A little while back while out swimming with friends we started talking about walking up Snowdon in North Wales, great idea, then I thought, why don’t we do it for charity! That way we can have some fun doing it and we can also do it for a good cause.

So I got in touch with our local Abandoned Animals Association and asked if they would like us to do a sponsored walk for them, thankfully they said yes, so I set up an appointment to pop on to see them and their fundraiser to organise the walk and get some sponsor forms to raise some money


stock.xchng – Snowdon ( Yr Wyddfa ) (stock photo by jigsawit)

Why Chose The Abandoned Animals Association?

I’m a dog owner and I can’t stand to see pets with out homes and just abandoned by people and my friends are also pet owners, so it seemed a great, local, charity to raise money for.

When Will The Walk Take Place?

We are hoping to do the walk on 8th September and raise as much as we can for the Abandoned Animals Association, so far there are about 6 of us going on the walk, but it may be more, and it’s estimated that it will take around 5-6 hours to ascend the summit of Snowdon and return.

Walking up Snowdon will be myself, Hannah Brierley, Yasmin Jones, Sue Hodder, Catherine Owen and Christian & Ben Etheridge.

Hopefully we will be able to get some fantastic photos on the way of the gorgeous Snowdonia National Park as we walk up to the summit, I’m also hoping that I can do some live tweeting on the journey and will be using the hashtag #BMSnowdonCharityWalk so you can all keep up to date on how it’s going.

How Can You Sponsor/Donate To The Walk

Now that is really easy, at the moment myself and the walkers have sponsor forms for sponsoring us on the walk, but as a lot of you reading this, will not have a chance of meeting us in person, then I’ve set up a Facebook page, “Blazing Minds Snowdon Charity Walk” and on this page you will find a donate button, which will allow everyone to donate and sponsor us on our Snowdon Walk.

So please support us on the walk and help donate what you can, thanks everyone 😉

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • It sounds like a great idea Karen. Hope you get a great day with your friends and get collected a lot of money. Just a question on my mind. How high are the Snowdon and will there be snow there in September?

  • Thank you Thomas, Snowdon is 3560 ft high, I don’t think we’ll have any snow in September, but you never know with this bizarre climate we have these days 😉

  • That is pretty high, but it would properly be raining like always 😉 The highest point in Denmark is about about 570 ft. It is not much of a climb.

  • I’ll be sorting all the gear out in the next couple of weeks, so I should be prepared for any weather, I’m getting quite excited about it now. Just hope that we can raise lots of money for our four legged friends 😉

  • Slappy Bear

    I’m really looking forward to the walk, let’s hope we can raise loads for our fellow furry friends.

  • JJ

    Good luck on the walk guys, I wish I could make it, my thoughts will be with you all as you climb/walk up to the summit 😉

  • It’s going to be a brilliant day and some other furry friends are also coming up with us 😉

  • Thanks JJ, don’t forget to watch Twitter for the updates on the day 😉

  • Goodluck on the walk! It really looks like a lot of fun, i’d like to do it but im scared of heights lol. To those who aren’t and are capable of doing something like this, I give you a LOT of credit

  • Thank you Nick, it’s going to be a long walk, but it’s going to be fun and hopefully we can raise as much as we can before the walk 😉

  • Samuel

    Also looking forward to the walk. More followers will make it exciting

  • That almost sounds as if you’re coming on the charity walk as well!!