What Makes A Blog Author Delete Or Mark Your Comment As Spam

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One of the problems that some people have when commenting on a blog is their comments are either deleted or sent to the blogs Spam section, this can be a problem for a legitimate commentator and when this happens it can be a problem for the commentator to get back out of the spam section or to get taken seriously, but why has the blog author done this to your comment?

There Are Several Reasons For Your Comments To Get Deleted Or Marked As Spam!

  1. You don’t have a Gravatar!
    Yes it may sound quite trivial, but some blog authors really hate the standard blue Gravatar that a commentator may have and in turn it may put them off from allowing your comment to go live on a blog post. Getting a Gravtar is easy and it’s free, so my recommendation is get yourself one and be seen, not deleted!
  2. Two many links in your comment!
    This can be the first sign of a Spam comment and most blog authors will see this and think “SPAM!!!!”. If you want to leave a link to your latest blog post and the blog uses CommentLuv then use that, don’t add it to your actually comment text, only leave a link (one at the most) if the post author or a commentator has asked a question that requires a link, but don’t add one unless it’s really needed. After all you get a link from the CommentLuv plugin and from entering your web url in the required fields!
  3. Commenting way off topic!
    As before, if a blog author sees this then they are seriously going to mark you as a spammer, what’s the point of replying to a blog post about “Dog Breeds” with a comment about “Magical Teaspoons!” it just makes no sense at all, keep your comments on topic and in line with what’s going on in the blog post.
  4. Pointless comments!
    Along the longs of number 3 above, but commenting with things like “Very interesting post, thank you for posting” or “Nice post“. These type of comments are just totally pointless!!!!
  5. Too many comments in a short period!
    Ok we know that sometimes you can post several comments on a blog over several posts, but blog authors know when you comment, as your comments are time stamped, if you comment on a blog post and then within 30 seconds or so comment again, or in the time it takes NOT to read the post, they will know and again you will be deleted or worse marked as a spammer.
    Take time to read posts and the same goes for reading and replying to comments.
  6. Dodgy website links!
    I don’t think I really have to mention the type of site I mean, you probably already know, but these types of sites also don’t help with getting a comment posted!

So there you go, just some of the reasons that a blog author may delete or mark your comment as Spam, if you are a legitimate commentator take heed and comment wisely on the blogs you read.

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  • The main reasons I delete comments are the following: Using lousy keywords instead of an actual name will get you trashed 100% of the time. You need to use a username@keywords and keep them to 3 or less keywords.

    Comments with useless “nice post”, “I learned a lot”, “I will share this” are also worthless, a comment must provide value for other readers by either offering an opinion, feedback or insight the topic of the article.

    I have had some people just realize my blog is DoFollow and had 1 day where someone left 30 comments on 30 articles, clearly I knew they were abusing the DoFollow / KeywordLuv / CommentLuv, but they were well written comments and I approved them anyway.

    • Many thanks for submitting the post to Blokube, you just beat me to it 😉

      I’ve had the same issue with abuse of CommentLuv etc, but we always get them in the end and delete them 😉

  • This certainly wraps up just about everything someone can do to end up in the spam folder. Although I have heard that there are people who actually do this for other reasons, I believe that in the end of the day, this is what people should do to avoid being tagged as a Spammer. good one

    • Thank you, I just had the urge to post something like this up as a warning 😉
      Many thanks for the RT by the way, much appreciated 😉

  • Dennis Edell

    The simplest solution: Locate and read the comment policy!

    • Nicely put there Dennis, but even that can be hard to do for the brainless spammer 😆

  • Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny

    Usually, I delete the dodgy links and allow the comment if it makes sense. Totally agree with the lack of an avatar situation. Much easier to get out of the spam pile if I can see your smiling face 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl, the same goes for me if I see the blue gravatar logo I’ll 9 times out of 10 skip past it in the spam section, but if there is an image then my eyes will catch it 😉

  • Links in comments should be avoided at all costs, bloggers already give so many links, comluv, keyword love, a link with their name anyway… but still some people are not satisfied and they make sure to add a link at the end of their comments.

    The spammy comments that i end up deleting are mostly those that put keywords in the name field. I just hate it.

    • Another good point, why add links when a link is provided for 😉

  • The content of the comment is usually what does it for me. I used to be more picky about the site linked to but have eased up to allow for more comments.

    • As long as your not allowing links to suspect sites 😉

  • Mel

    Good points. Usually the ones that are less than a full sentence are spam. Not all sites use comment luv. Also, I have gravatar but for some reason, it doesn’t always show up. I make sure my comments add to the discussion of the post and it also depends on the niche you are in, if you leave a link back to your site. I always do but it’s more important in my niche because I’m a Christian blogger, writing about faith which applies to all believers and that’s how we share the love in the Christian bloggy realm 🙂 I wouldn’t delete a comment for lack of a gravatar, unless it’s clearly spam. I guess I don’t really get that line of thinking. Many of my readers are not bloggers so they would have NO idea about creating a gravatar and some wouldn’t want to or care.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

    • The idea of deleting a comment because it’s only got a default Gravatar is not something I always do, it’s just you get used to seeing them and your eyes generally just flit past them 😉

  • Emm

    Interesting list! I always find it interesting reading about the bugbears of different people on different blogging platforms. I clicked through to sign up for Gravatar many, many times and never wanted to pen yet another WordPress account so I gave up. It works differently now so I’ve given it a try.

    It is interesting what you say about commenting too soon. I open several tabs at once, read through them and keep open the ones I want to comment on and then comment on them one after the other. Also, if it is a standard blog format, I’ll read right down the pages and then drag and drop the entries I want to comment on. It is just part of my little obsessive ritual but it never occurred to me people might think I was spamming.

    • Unless you are an avid commentator on a blog, some people will think you are spamming with quick comments, it’s a shame but that’s how some people work 😉

  • I did forget about those, thanks for reminding me about insulting comments, I don’t know I how I could forget that one 😉

  • Please beware Karen. Folks like me can leave up to 10 comments in the space of 10 minutes because I tend to read offline then write my comments on a notepad and save them for when I’ve got an internet connection and I’m ready to start commenting.

    Not everybody can be online to read and comment at once 😉

    • Dennis Edell

      Please beware Udegbunam, if you’re commenting on commentluv enabled blogs, slow down..commentluv has a tendency to shut down after so many comments in a row like that.

      • Yep! I know. Something about too many requests from your ip. Please wait a little. I do get that sometimes 😉

        • Dennis Edell

          Really irritating ain’t it? Especially since it’s rarely a “little” wait. LOL

    • I noticed that with some of your comments 😉

  • Dennis Edell

    I’ve been noticing more and more bloggers referring to gravatars as a spammer deterent…

    FYI: Sorry to burst any bubbles, spammers are catching on to the Gravatar thing, they are starting to use them too.

    • It’s a case of reading “spam” comments very carefully 😉

  • Akismet is prone to mistakes, and that is why it is always important for a blogger to keep an eye on their spam section just in case 😉

    • Chris Quinn

      I just got hit for 2 weeks with spam from someone using gravatar. It was crazy! They posted over 500 spam links in my blog but none of them got through because I had akismet & discus installed, but still…it’s unnecessary bandwidth on my server.

  • Dana

    Honestly, I always tend to delete the comment without gravatar since it seems so spammy.

    • But doesn’t that stop legitimate commentators without a Gravatar?

      • Dana

        Yeah, you are right. But if there are a bulk of spam comments in akismet, I think there is no other way while our time is limited. Therefore I strong suggest each commenter should use gravatar.

  • Kharim Tomlinson

    I hate spammers to the max, and they seem to do everything to spam your blog. Some will make a “thank you” comment and then leave a long note saying you should check out their blog. Pretty annoying.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Thanks Kharim, nearly missed your comment, it went in the spam bin! Good job I check it once in a while.

      But i do agree with you they are pretty annoying, CommentLuv is there for the link, so there shouldn’t be any need to add a link to blog 😉

  • All sound advice.

    I ran into problems when commenting as “Pasty Muncher” which seemed not to be a credible name even though it is the name of my site. It probably didn’t help that the term pasty has other conotations in the US either.

    • Hi Dave, it’s a shame that such an innocent word can have two meanings!

      • Perhaps the latest news that Cornish Pasties are to get “protected food status” from the middle of this month will raise the profile of this filling savoury snack.

        Delighted that my comment didn’t fall into the spam trap btw.

        Munch on!

        • 😆 it fell in the moderation trap, so you were quite safe there 😉 Maybe you could get yourself a Gravatar though 😉

  • David

    I hate spammers but we don’t have solutions to stop them. We have to make a law against spam. If we don’t do something, this phenomenon will increase and we declare ourself the losers.

  • I help run a couple of blogs and I’m constantly amazed at the too-obvious spam that people will submit. I do have to admit that I will occasionally let a spam comment through if it’s so badly written as to be amusing. I strip their links though!

    • Now that’s a great idea there Jim, stripping the links is certainly one way to have the comments without losing out on some link juice 😉

  • Witty Artist

    Great post, Karen. When I started blogging I got a lot of spam, until I put Askimet and had no problems since then. Spammers are really cunning and at first I easily got trapped by their nice words.

    • It can be quite tricky at time to find those spammers 😉

  • Reeha

    We also go with same policy however the main thing we check is comment must relate to topic. other things are not important because we check single comment one by one and approve them.

  • First my apologies Karen for being gone so long (it’s a long story, but quickly coming to a close). Actually I was checking out your suggestions about BlogEngage, then you’re page on guest blogging (currently closed), when I saw this related post.

    This one really hits home, even if it was posted in the beginning of 2011. I moderate everything. Plus I’m a stickler, you get a chance to put your website in with your name. Adding a link inside one’s comment (self promotional) is a surefire way to end up trashed.

    I also really prefer a person use their name and make insightful remarks (thus proving they did, indeed, read what I’ve written). I always check the url (unless I honestly know the person commenting or the url they use) because you never know what’s waiting on the other side.

    I hate robo comments – and they are so transparent. Someone is making a fortune and lots of people (I would hope even if it sounds cruel) are losing money using auto commenting methods.

    I’ve got a litany of reasons why comments end up in spam and trashed. You’ve covered all my major reasons quite nicely.

    (Also, sorry from being away from Twitter for so long – reference the “long story” in my opening remark. Hope to be back there soon!)

  • Thanks, Karen, for this hit-the-nail-on-the-head post. I whole-heartedly agree with my friend, Theresa Cahill, about robo-commenters. Robots are useful for a great many things, but not for making intelligent comments on blog posts!