What Makes A Blog Author Delete Or Mark Your Comment As Spam

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One of the problems that some people have when commenting on a blog is their comments are either deleted or sent to the blogs Spam section, this can be a problem for a legitimate commentator and when this happens it can be a problem for the commentator to get back out of the spam section or to get taken seriously, but why has the blog author done this to your comment?

There Are Several Reasons For Your Comments To Get Deleted Or Marked As Spam!

  1. You don’t have a Gravatar!
    Yes it may sound quite trivial, but some blog authors really hate the standard blue Gravatar that a commentator may have and in turn it may put them off from allowing your comment to go live on a blog post. Getting a Gravtar is easy and it’s free, so my recommendation is get yourself one and be seen, not deleted!
  2. Two many links in your comment!
    This can be the first sign of a Spam comment and most blog authors will see this and think “SPAM!!!!”. If you want to leave a link to your latest blog post and the blog uses CommentLuv then use that, don’t add it to your actually comment text, only leave a link (one at the most) if the post author or a commentator has asked a question that requires a link, but don’t add one unless it’s really needed. After all you get a link from the CommentLuv plugin and from entering your web url in the required fields!
  3. Commenting way off topic!
    As before, if a blog author sees this then they are seriously going to mark you as a spammer, what’s the point of replying to a blog post about “Dog Breeds” with a comment about “Magical Teaspoons!” it just makes no sense at all, keep your comments on topic and in line with what’s going on in the blog post.
  4. Pointless comments!
    Along the longs of number 3 above, but commenting with things like “Very interesting post, thank you for posting” or “Nice post“. These type of comments are just totally pointless!!!!
  5. Too many comments in a short period!
    Ok we know that sometimes you can post several comments on a blog over several posts, but blog authors know when you comment, as your comments are time stamped, if you comment on a blog post and then within 30 seconds or so comment again, or in the time it takes NOT to read the post, they will know and again you will be deleted or worse marked as a spammer.
    Take time to read posts and the same goes for reading and replying to comments.
  6. Dodgy website links!
    I don’t think I really have to mention the type of site I mean, you probably already know, but these types of sites also don’t help with getting a comment posted!

So there you go, just some of the reasons that a blog author may delete or mark your comment as Spam, if you are a legitimate commentator take heed and comment wisely on the blogs you read.

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