Bruce Lee vs Bruce Willis: Enter The Dragon vs Die Hard


Two of my favourite movies have come of age as it the 40th anniversary for Enter The Dragon and Die Hard its 25 anniversary!

Enter The Dragon was released in 1973, starred Bruce Lee in what was sadly his last film, Lee devised a lot of the script himself and also directed the amazing opening fight scene that had audiences loving every minute of it. For me, the film is probably Lee’s best and to this day it’s still a movie I watch often.

Die Hard was released in 1988 and followed John McClane (Bruce Willis) as he spent Christmas in a building full of terrorists, with its all out action and for gun-blasting, explosive sequels, Die Hard has been one of the franchises that has kept cinema goers coming back to see what predicament he will get in to each time.

But when it comes to the to Bruce’s, who would win a fight out of these action heroes, let’s face it, both of them really know to give us the action ride of our lives and both have stood the test of time, with fans still loving the movies.

So without further ado, let battle commence, FIGHT!!!!


Infographic was created by Vue Cinemas

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Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham


Journalist & founder of @BlazingMinds, Award Winning Blogger. Social Media Manager & Behind The Scenes Photographer for @Canned_Media.
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham