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News on upcoming new releases, gigs that bands may be playing and so much more in the world of music.

HRH United 3 Announces New Bands to the Lineup

Even though HRH United 3 has been sold out on accommodation since May this year, the team over at the HRH base have announced another string of bands to an already impressive Metal

The Bloody Nerve Announce Release Date for their Debut Album

Last Sunday (6th September) I got sent the fantastic new single from The Bloody Nerve, Place to Hide, which is from their brand new album Taste, we are pleased to announce that The Bloody

Two Local Bands Reach Semi Finals of ‘Next Brit Thing’

Some time back you may have seen the article and photos from Rhyl Beach Fest where local bands Contagious and MavMac were performing to a packed Rhyl Arena, now the two bands

Drift EP, New Audio Delights From In Darklight Music Review

Review Of Drift The New EP From In Darklight Now most of you will know that I have reviewed In Darklight before here on my blog with their album Dying To Confess

The Definitive Playlist for Music from the Amazing Show Monkey Dust!

Now I’ve always been a fan of the TV show Monkey Dust that used to be on BBC Three some years ago with its quirky characters and amazing music, this is the

Heart Kill Giant 3 EP Limited Edition – Music Review

Now sometime back you may have seen me write a review for the release of the Heart EP by Heart Kill Giant, I’m so proud to announce that Heart Kill Giant have

The Lodger – New Classical Score For A Hitchcock Masterpiece

If you read Blazing Minds often then you will know that there are a lot of articles about music and film reviews, recently there was a brilliant article on 6 Great Film

Top Artists, Albums And Track Scrobbles On Last FM Of 2011

Ok I promise that this is going to be the last “Top List” post that I do for updates from last year, but as a lot of you who read Blazing Minds

See The Light by Bob Evans – Music Review

Many moons ago, when I originally set up the Inde Net Label Atom Sounds, I did several reviews of the artists on the label, so I thought I would bring you a review that

In Darklight EP – Music Review, Pin Back Those Lugholes People

As a lot of you who read Blazing Minds will know, from time to time I get the chance to review some new music by some amazing artists. The other day I

Singer Amy Winehouse Found Dead At Her London Home

Shocking news today as police confirm that singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her Camden home in London at the young age of 27. It appears that earlier today the police

Mono by S13 [EP Review]

What’s this another music review, yes indeed folks they are coming in now aren’t they, you remember the other day I reviewed an album by Pink Floyd Floydhead which was Pink Floyd