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The Movie News category is the place to look for updates on new up and coming films, this is the place to find trailers of some films you may not be aware of and even some movie gossip that we, here at Blazing Minds, have found and would like to share with you all. From time to time you will also find exclusive images of upcoming movies that we have been sent for our readers.

Prepare Yourself for The Ninja Trilogy from Eureka Classics

How do you fancy Ninjas… Ninjas… and more Ninjas? Good news if you do as the Cannon Ninja Trilogy is coming to the UK in a new Dual-Format special edition collection. Eureka

SHELTER in Cinemas this December

We’ve just had the news that leading UK independent distributor Arrow Films has announced the release of acclaimed actor Paul Bettany’s moving directorial debut Shelter. Starring Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind) and Anthony

The Telephone If YOU heard the calling, would YOU answer?

In October we brought you the news of upcoming movie In Limbo, a film where its inspiration came from the the Cannock Chase sightings of Black Eyed Children, which was the first in

Almost Christmas out now from Arrow Films!

That’s right folks, Christmas is almost around the corner and we’ve been looking at Christmas movies. Following the recent releases of Pay the Ghost and Lessons in Love, leading independent UK distributor,

Legend is Coming to DVD and Blu-ray

Those of you who read and are subscribed to Blazing Minds will have seen our review of Tom Hardy in Legend recently. Following the 18M+ box office smash hit, Legend will be making

Will Harrison Ford be Replaced as Indiana Jones?

Since the announcement of the cast of Star Wars and the return of many actors reprising their roles, fans of Harrison Ford and the Indiana Jones franchise have been asking the big question recently.

‘Amar Akbar & Tony’ to be Released in the UK

After an incredible 5 week run in UK cinemas, holding its own against blockbusters such as ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Fast & Furious 7’, independent British comedy ‘Amar Akbar & Tony’

The 33 – The World is Watching

A short while back you may have seen the post about the new movie based on the harrowing story of “The 33”, the miners that were trapped as the world watched in

In Limbo – A Short Film from Nine Ladies Film

We got a great email through the other day about a new psychological horror “short” movie, In Limbo, produced by Wirksworth in Derbyshire based Nine Ladies Film. We took a look at

Eddie The Eagle Flies Again in 2016

Earlier today Lionsgate announced the upcoming movie, Eddie the Eagle, which is based on the inspirational true story of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, who became famous during the Calgary Winter Games back

Womble The Movie Exclusive On Set Photographs

It was a very early start on Saturday morning, as the alarm clock went off at 6am, I grabbed my tech and headed over to a secret location for filming of some fantastic

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 40th Ni-Along

Have you heard the news? The fantastic and crazy movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, oh now I do feel old! The second feature film from the