CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Discount Sale NOW ON!

CommentLuv Premium

Those of you that do read and comment here on Blazing Minds will know about the amazing CommentLuv and that I’ve always been a strong supporter of Andy Bailey‘s plugin right from the very early days, its always been the first thing I’ve added to any blog that I’ve worked on.

Now CommentLuv Premium is now available with an amazing offer, with a 1 Year Special Anniversary Relaunch. For a limited time CommentLuv premium is available from the starting price of $21 dollars and that’s for a multi-site licence, so you can use it on all the blogs that you may have or are involved with.

CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Discount

So as I mentioned above this special discount offer is to celebrate 1 year of CommentLuv being out in the world, I personally recommend every WordPress blogger to have a copy installed, with its 8 plugins built-in to one, it’s ideal for your blogging needs.

It has been downloaded over 500000 times and there are 10?s of thousands of active blogs out there waiting to give you advanced backlink features once you install CommentLuv Premium to your site.

CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Discount

You can learn more about Andy and the story of how CommentLuv started from the video below, check it out and see how hard Andy has worked to make all our blogs that much better.

It includes some of the most advanced anti spam features to protect you from bots and sophisticated heuristics to prevent human spam which has been proven to dramatically decrease the amount of spam that a blog gets.

So what are you waiting for, get in there quick, the quicker you get in the cheaper you will get CommentLuv Premium for, believe me, once you’ve installed it on your blog you’ll think to yourself, “Why didn’t I get this earlier”. Click the link below and go grab your copy NOW!

CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Discount


Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

Editor-in-Chief at Blazing Minds
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds, an avid blogger and bona fide journalist of all sorts of interesting and odd things. She is also a Cinema Film Reviewer, based in Rhyl, where she reviews the latest movies, she has also had several articles in The Daily Post Newspaper, Inside Flintshire as well as other publications.
Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Ehsan Ullah

    I’ve been using CommentLuv on my blog from long time, but I didn’t purchase the premium one till now. But this discount seems interesting and It’s great opportunity for me.

    • Karen

      The premium version is something that I never looked on back after I purchased it ;)

  • Matt Alhaarth

    Since discovering CommentLuv and especially CommentLuv Premium my reading and interaction on all kinds of blogs has sky-rocketed and I enjoy the process that much more too.

    I also find that it encourages me to put extra thought and effort into the comments that I make to ensure that I add value to the conversation and I am sure this is as a direct result of the value that is returned when comments are approved.

    • Karen

      Well you certainly wrote a wonderful comment here, Thank you ;)

  • Corky Swanson

    CommentLuv launched a revolution in blog commenting. Both filtering out spammers with GASP and rewarding authentic, repeat, and cooperative blogging colleagues, CL is engineered to turn your blog into a commenter’s gathering place. Get it for cheap during the dime sale and join the CommentLuv bloggers club!

    • Karen

      Well put there Corky and thanks for stopping by to add your input ;)

  • Ryan

    Wow, simply awesome. Commentluv users has really grown in the last few years.

    Glad that they have an anniversary special. It’s a big discount for wp users. Thanks

    I’m happy I invested in this plugin a long time ago. Time to email my list. :)

    • Karen

      It is awesome isn’t it, possibly one of the best wordpress plugins available today ;)