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The CommentLuv Plugin
The CommentLuv Premium WordPress plugin allows you to unlock advanced and powerful backlink features on 10’s of thousands of blogs. It has been seen by users of CommentLuv to increase comments and traffic to blogs that install it and also helps to make your posts go viral by integrating with twitter, facebook and google+.

CommentLuv combines 8 plugins in to 1 which all work together to reduce spam, provide stats of where your links are being clicked, deny trackbacks from spammers, allow users to use keywords in their name, leave their twitter user name in the comments, showcase your top commenters and much more.

The CommentLuv Premium plugin has loads new features :

  • Integrated anti spam measures that prevent almost 100% of botspam
  • Dofollow readers links with advanced rules so you look after your most loyal readers
  • Unique social enticements which helps your posts to go viral on Twitter, facebook and Google+
  • Integrated twitterlink functions to allow readers to leave their twitter names on comments
  • Improved version of Keywordluv with much tighter control over who gets to use keywords
  • Integrates trackback validation with improved heuristics
  • Exclusive top commentators widget with advanced display control
  • Dashboard and advanced stats that show you where your links are getting clicked
  • Free updates for life using the easy one click automatic update system
  • more being added all the time!

See CommentLuv in action on this very blog!

I’ve been using the original CommentLuv on Blazing Minds for many years and am now using this very version of CommentLuv Premium, you’ll see it in action when you comment here on Blazing Minds, by commenting you’ll get the options of sharing the post via the social buttons as well as the chance for links back you your blog posts.

Building More Power In To Your Blog With Anti Backlinker Plugin from CommentLuv

Now this is something new that has come from the the CL stables, the new Anti Backlinker plugin, which available to CommentLuv premium members is a must for those wanting more control over the comments being left on their blogs.

The new plugin offers: 

  • Allows you to whitelist, blacklist, or moderated to your commenters. Adding users to the whitelist means they are a regular commenter and is a trusted commentator.
    Spammers get added to the blacklist and you can moderate those leaving comments that you maybe wasn’t sure before approving them to get links on your site.

Thanks so much for your comment here!
Unfortunately, your comment will have the links removed until we get to know you a bit better.
Don’t worry! the links still exist but, they wont show until you’ve been approved.
One way to help us know you is to get a gravatar which is an image associated with your email address.

You can get one here : Get a gravatar for free

We love comments but love them more when we know who they’re from

There are so many more options from the plugin, but I won’t divulge here, suffice to say that if you have CLP, you will want to download this from your dashboard and install it on your WordPress blog.

So what are you waiting for grab your copy of CommentLuv Premium today!

The CommentLuv Plugin

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