Countdown To The Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Special

With the return of Doctor Who only weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about the Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Special that will be on its way to the cinemas (hopefully) around the country on the day that Doctor Who materialised on to our screens 50 years ago, 23rd November.

Countdown To The Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Special

So earlier this year the BBC announced that there would be a special for the much-loved Doctor to celebrate 50 years, the news is that the special will be a feature-length episode that is not only going to be on our TV screens, but also on the big screen in cinemas across the UK.

Suffice to say this is going to be a huge event for “Whovians” everywhere as they all come together to celebrate one of the countries, if not the worlds, best known TV characters in history.

Not only are we getting the return of Doctor Who on March 30th, but also, as you may have seen here on Blazing Minds, in April the Ice Warriors will be returning to Doctor Who after almost 40 years, always something to celebrate with the return of a missed monster.

Back To The 50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who

David Bradly as William Hartnell

To coincide with the Doctor Who 3D special in November, BBC2 will be showing a 90-minute drama about the show was created and stars David Bradley as William Hartnell titled, “An Adventure in Space and Time“, personally I’m really looking to the drama and from I’ve seen David Bradley is looking good as William Hartnell.

There will also be a massive fan event help at London Exel to coincide with the celebrations that will be going on with fans around the globe.

All Down To A Waiting Game For Whovians Everywhere

This is now going to be the toughest part for everyone that loves Doctor Who, the waiting game, the anticipation of seeing The Doctor on the big screen in 3D is something that many fans are waiting for, the script is being held under tight security and cinemas around the UK aren’t letting on who is showing it yet.

All I’m hoping is that my local Vue Cinemas is going to show the Doctor Who 3D Special, I can imagine if they don’t then there are going to be some really unhappy people who will certainly put their thoughts across in extremely loud shouting motions.

Over To You

So are you a Doctor Who fan? Share your thoughts on 50 years of Doctor Who, who is your favourite Doctor etc.

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Karen Woodham

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4 Responses to Countdown To The Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Special

  1. helygen says:

    I’d no idea about plans to screen the special in cinemas – what a fab idea! I can’t wait :) Can we start a campaign to let our Vue Cinema know that there are droves of local Whovians waiting t fill their seats for this?

  2. JJ

    I hope that a lot of the UK cinemas actually have this, it will be amazing to see Doctor Who in 3D on the big screen

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