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Dark Shadows

So today was “Tuesday Film Club day”, it was the perfect way to see a new film to review and this weeks film to review was the new Tim Burton film “Dark Shadows”.

Loosely based on the TV sitcom that aired in America on ABC in the 60’s-70’s, Dark Shadows is about Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) who is cursed by a witch, Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), and turned in to a vampire and buried for 196 years, until he is released in 1972 and returns to his family home in Collinsport to find that his descendants have taken a turn for the worse and the town and family business has been taken over by somebody else.

Dark Shadows – Blazing Minds Film Review

So what we have with Dark Shadows is a typical Johnny Depp and Tim Burton film, full of dark satire, one liners, Johnny Depp looking rather odd and Helena Bonham-Carter as her usual nutty self 😉

OK, you’re not getting a film which makes you think , it’s not a murder mystery, but it has some very funny moments, I do have to say that Johnny Depp always brings some outlandish and comic parts to the roles he takes and pairing up with Tim Burton always seems to bring out the charm when the two get together.

Though this may not be the best film in their partnership history, it’s still darkly funny and enjoyable. Let’s face it it’s a reworking of a TV show which not many people can remember, well the younger ones anyway.

With it’s groovy looking 70’s clothes, great soundtrack and cameos from Alice Cooper and the original Barnabas (Jonathan Frid), the film is just fun, yes there are those that have completely panned the film and hated it for everything, but at the end of the day, it’s a fun film, yes it’s quite camp and yes it’s reworking of a TV Show, but who cares.

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Dark Shadows is going to be one of those films that divides the film going public in to those that love it and those that can’t stand it and for me I loved it.

Overall Thoughts For Dark Shadows

Go and see this if you like silly films, love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp sends you weak at the knees, forget about the TV series, just go and see the film and enjoy!

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • My wife and I saw the film on a date together and both liked the film, the love/hate relationship between Barnabus Collins and Angelique was funny and twisted. The whole film had a kind of morbid cloud with some odd humor but it worked.

  • Thanks for stopping by Justin, it is an enjoyable film, I thoroughly enjoyed it hence the the rating I gave it, but there are those that hate it, no idea why 😉

  • I saw all the bad reviews, some people maybe just had too high expectations or just are missing the point. Look at all the bad reviews John Carter received and how poorly it did, this was another EXCELLENT MOVIE far better than the reviews and audience would have you believe.

  • Rus Jeffrey

    Hey Karen!

    Well we are on the same page when it comes to our review of this movie. I like Burton and Depp, but didn’t find much new here. You gave it four out of five. I was not as forgiving and gave it only 2 out of 5. My review will be out later this afternoon.

    Keep up the great work Karen!
    Dr. Rus

  • I’ll be looking or your review Rus 😉

  • Morgan

    Hi Karen!

    I’ve been excited to see this film for a while. I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp together; they just seem to fit. Despite all the bad reviews, I think Burton and Depp films are made for the underground cult peeps who love both of them, it’s really not for everyone and because of this, it’s going to get a lot of flack. I’m really glad to see that you have it 4 out of 5! Gives me hope, though I’m sure I’d like it anyway. Can’t wait to see it! 🙂 Thanks for the review.

  • I think you may be right Morgan, the “mainstream” movie goers seem to hate a Depp/Burton films, maybe it’s just that they don’t get them, who knows 😉