In Darklight EP – Music Review, Pin Back Those Lugholes People

As a lot of you who read Blazing Minds will know, from time to time I get the chance to review some new music by some amazing artists. The other day I was sent the new forthcoming EP from the band In Darklight, you may have seen the review I did of their album “Dying To Confess” so I was over the moon to get a chance to hear and review their latest work.

In Darklight EP

Tell me more about the In Darklight EP!

The “In Darklight EP” features five tracks: Slaves, Turn Your Back, Break, Quick Fire and Greenhouse, all of which have that In Darklight sound and feel that I’ve become accustomed to since first hearing them on the album I reviewed some time back.

What appeals to me with In Darklight and specially with this EP is the quality of the recordings, they are top quality with the sound production being spot on with plenty of power for me to have the music blasting out of my 1,000 watt system and still keeping any distortion away.

What about the music?

In Darklight Promo FlyerI can’t fault In Darklight, ok I have to admit that I have become a fan of theirs and being that I love this sound that they produce, I couldn’t really pick up on a point that I could put them down on. It’s great, everything I like to here great guitars, banging drums and vocals that actually have well written lyrics, which all of which can be hard to find these days, even with those big named bands that are making millions from their music.

Picking one particular track from the five here on this EP and saying it’s my favourite is such a hard choice as they are all great, but I would have to go for the last track Greenhouse, there is just something about the track that when I’m listening to it, it just stands out more than the others and it’s probably the one that I’ve played the most.

But don’t get me wrong every track on this release is worth listening to over and over again, they’re certainly played a lot on my iPod in the car with the windows down on a nice sunny day ;) ;)

OK, OK! Where can I get my hands on this EP?

The will officially be released on 15th August from your favourite stores such as Amazon (pre-order now), iTunes, Napster, Spotify and OVI Nokia

So if your looking for some fresh sounding music and something new, then this is certainly a release that you should check out.

Also if you want to hear and download some of their older work then you can by visiting the official In Darklight website.

Overall rating 10/10

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Emm

    I love the name of this band! It sounds so alluring and romantic, definitely appeals to my gothic side. I agre with you, the best song seems to be “Greenhouse”. I can’t wait until it is released to hear the full version!

    • Karen

      Thanks Emm, don’t forget to check out their website for some awesome back catalogued freebies ;) ;)

  • Anna

    Hi Karen, I have never heard of this band before, but their perfect name made me Google on them and now I find myself loving their music! :)

  • donnie

    I checked out some of the older stuff on Spotify. I’m looking forward to hearing the new stuff. Excellent review.

  • Louis

    Hey guys, thank you for the encouraging review. The EP was official released yesterday so you can find it all on their website!


    • Karen

      Hey there Louis, thanks for stopping by and commenting, I hope the review has brought some new fans for In Darklight ;)