The Devil Inside – Blazing Minds Film Review #ApolloRhylFilmReviewer

The Devil Inside

Directed By: William Brent Bell

Written by: William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman

Starring: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth

Running Time: 83 min

Certificate: 15

The Devil Inside is the film that has terrified audiences across America, it’s had them screaming in fear and terror as they follow the daughter of a possessed woman travelling to Rome to discover why her mother killed three people during an exorcism.

Using the “documentary” style of filming The Devil Inside, promises shocks, fear and terrifying sequences that will make you jump out of your skin!!!

The Devil Inside – Blazing Minds Film Review

Hang on a minute! Are they talking about the film that I’ve just been to see, yes they are and they must have all been on drugs or have extremely nervous dispositions.

Lets face it folks, unless you believe all the hype that is surrounding The Devil Inside, you going to be going in to the cinema and tender hooks and will be thinking “This film is going to scare the s*** out of me!”

Think again! The Devil Inside is boring, it’s bad, it’s just not worth the time it took to make it!

If you think you are going to get something like Chronicle or even the original version of [REC], not the american remake, then you’re in for a big surprise. The Devil Inside painfully plods along at an amateurish pace, with you thinking, is something worthwhile ever going to happen in this movie and the answer is “NO!

Where as Chronicle brought back a glimmer of hope in the hand-held camera, documentary, style films in to the public eye, The Devil Inside has knocked them back to way before The Blair Witch Project!!!!

The Devil Inside could have had some potential, maybe if the film makers had thought a little longer and created an 18 certificated film, that would scare your socks off instead of boring them off, it would have been better.

In my humble point of view, go and rent The Exorcist on DVD or Blu-Ray, it’s far superior to The Devil Inside.

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

Editor-in-Chief at Blazing Minds
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Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham