The Devil Without: A Magical Re-imagining of the Faust Legend

Glenn Fabry's 'Devil Without' Poster

A Faustian dip down the rabbit hole. Dark storytelling laced with menacing magic and moments of terror. Not for the faint of heart.

As you may have noticed I’ve posted about the Sci-Fi Weekender this week, while I was in Pwllheli I saw a wonderful performance by Ian Harvey Stone, shortly after I met up with Ian for a chat and he told me about The Devil Without.

Suffice to say after he had told me about the kickstarter project I was intrigued by the idea of the re-imagining of Faust, a piece of work that for some strange reason has always appealed to me.

So after returning from Pwllheli I looked in to the project and I really like what I’ve read on the idea that Ian has.

With this exciting, immersive performance, Lee hopes to lead the audience into a dark, rich world of fantasy such as those enjoyed by readers of comics and graphic novels. It’s his intention to use media, suggestion, imagination and the mystery arts alongside solid story-telling to provoke, play, scare and confound the audience. They will be complicit in Faust’s journey, they will make decisions that impact upon how the hour turns out and there will be a vital moment where an unsuspecting member of the audience will experience the creeping sensation of possession live on stage.

Personally for me, I would love to see this kickstarter reach its target, this will be a phenomenal show to see.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve seen Ian’s performance on and off stage, his Jedi routine that he did with me while the awesome Glenn Fabry was doing an exclusive sketch for me, was brilliant.

Talking of Glenn Fabry, he has also done an outstanding piece of artwork for Ian for the show, which you can get hold of by making a pledge to the Kickstarter.

So come on folks, so some support for, what will be, a superb production, we need to support independent productions like this and show what talented artists are capable of.

So if you would like to pledge to the The Devil Within kickstarter, then simply see below.

Ian Harvey Stone is an actor and performer of mentalism and hypnosis, you can check out his website:


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