How And When Did You Discover The World Of Blazing Minds?

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For todays post, I thought I would get a little feedback from those of you that have either been reading the blog for a while and from those that may have only discovered the world of the Blazing Minds blog!

I was looking through the blogs stats the other day and noticed that there seems to be a lot of traffic coming from Google lately, so it got me thinking about how people find the blog and what they may be searching for or what makes them click on a link to read any of the posts here on Blazing Minds.

There are those that are probably LTRFTC (Long Time Readers First Time Commentators) that read the blog and also those that love to comment on nearly every blog post posted up, I do see from my stats recently that Stargate Universe and Birthday Bash are some of the most popular search terms for people landing on the blog, but I’m interested in what everyone may be looking for. So here are a couple of questions for everyone reading my humble blog.

  1. How Did You Find Blazing Minds?
  2. When Did You First Discover Blazing Minds?
  3. What Is It That Appeals To You About Blazing Minds?
There you go, just a little something for you all to ponder on and thank you all for taking part and to everyone that reads and comments on my blog, you are all much appreciated ;)


Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

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Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham