HOW TO .. Fix The Twitter Replies Issue On Your iPhone


Over the last couple of days there have been many tweets flying around on Twitter about the issue with the @ Connect page on Twitter for iPhone with many users not getting any Twitter replies except in their timelines or lists.

All this is very frustrating and it still seems to be an ongoing issue that may be fix on the next update for Twitter for iPhone, but, I do have a solution, it’s not perfect, but it does work.

HOW TO .. Fix The Twitter Replies Issue On Your iPhone

First of all you will need to go in to your settings menu on your iPhone and select “Twitter”

Now that you are in your Twitter setting page, select your Twitter account, if you have a few, then select the one you are having the problem with, if you are having problems with all your twitter accounts then repeat the process for each Twitter account.

Now you have to delete the account that you are having the problems with the Twitter replies, don’t worry this won’t delete your Twitter account it will only remove it from your iPhone, so stop panicking!

Once you have deleted the account, simply re-add it and then the next time you use the Twitter for iPhone app, you should get your replies back. This is the method that I used to get them back and it’s worked, I hope it also works for you as well, but in the meantime, if you can’t wait for Twitter to issue an update for their app on the iPhone then try Hootsuite, that’s what I have used over the last couple of day and it didn’t have any problems with the Twitter replies.

So have you been having the problems with the @ Connect page on your iPhone? And what has been your solution to your Twitter replies not showing up?

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • simple, effective and free – you got me 😉

  • Thanks, nothing better than fixing something for free and easily 😉 😉

  • Shane Ryans

    great thanks, I was wondering why that was happening but never dug into it.

  • Maja

    Good tutorial. I have never imagined that twitter is too much advance. Soon I will my account there.

  • Thanks, just trying to help fellow tweeters with a solution that worked for me 😉

  • Aliosha Kasin

    awesome thanks Karen, I always wondered why this happened. Although, my Twitter App always crashes so I thought this was an issue with the app.

  • Glad I could help 😉

  • This method seems simple and efficient. I’ve had several issues with Twitter lately, including on my Pc, and it’s getting frustrating. I used to like Twitter but nowadays it loads slowly as compared to Pinterest for example.

  • I think it’s since they rolled out the new style Twitter, I don’t think it’s ever been the same 😉

  • thansk for posting i m also facing this problem from several days and now the issuse was sloved. 🙂

  • Since I posted up this post, Twitter have released an update for their app, but, some people are still having issues with the update. After speaking to several tweeters, my technique is the one which seems to be working 😉

  • 😆 What can I say, I try to be as helpful as I can 😉 😉