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Friday seems to come round quicker everyweek and I, like so many others, like to give my support to those that have been kind enough to me over the week by ReTweeting my posts etc, and it can be quite daunting sorting out a list of those that have. and then working out which of the Twitters have retweeted the most or mentioned you the most times over that week and if you are very popular on twitter it can be even more of a task .

So while searching the net I came across a handy [intlink id="retweet-rt-twitter" type="post"]Twitter Tool[/intlink] called FollowFriday Helper…

Twitter FollowFriday HelperOnce you have logged in with your Twitter account via Twitter Oauth, you can start recommending those Twitters that have been kind enough to have ReTweeted your tweets, mentioned you, ReTweets you’ve made to other Tweeters and even those that have already recommended you in the past, it’s simply to do and when you make your choice a list is loaded up with the Twitters avatar, bio, URL, location and other information about how many tweets they have mentioned you with etc. You can even see the tweets they have made about you, very handy when you want to know what they have tweeted or retweeted.

Twitter FollowFriday Helper User Example

But the really nice thing that I like about Twitter FollowFriday Helper, is that it’s not just for FollowFriday, you can use it for a selection of other preset hashtags – #FollowFriday #ff #ThankYou #TY #Gratitude #Top #FollowSaturday #FollowSunday #FollowMonday #FollowTuesday #FollowWednesday #FollowThursday #FollowNow #FollowEveryDay #MustFollow #FollowerOfTheDay – plus, you can add your own in the tweetbox, so really you can use it for anything you want, I select my recommendation and then add a line of text at the end saying why I recommend them and then you get a tweet like this:

Twitter FollowFriday Helper Tweet

So if you are looking for a Twitter Tool that will help you with making your FollowFriday recommendations then give this [intlink id="using-twitter-with-your-blogs" type="post"]Twitter Website[/intlink] a try, it’s easy to use and best of all it’s free, what more could you ask for ;)

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham