Fright Night 3D – A Preview Night To Get Your Teeth Into [Movie Review]

Fright Night 2011I’m not usually one for going to see remakes, or reboots as Hollywood likes to call them, but after seeing the 3D trailer for Fright Night I was itching to see the movie.

As luck would have it I was one of the lucky ones to win some free tickets for a preview showing of the movie on Monday night at the @ApolloCinemas in Rhyl, well before it’s UK release on Friday, yes folks I do seem to be going there a lot lately :lol:

With memories of the original with the late great Roddy McDowell, it was going to be a case of forgetting about the original and take this new version as the only one you’ve seen, otherwise I would have been constantly comparing the two versions.

Anyway On To The Review Of Fright Night

The first thing I have to say is that Colin Farrell is ideal for the part as “Gerry The Vampire” with his wild look and the crazed madness that he brings to the role.

The story is really simple for the film, Vampire moves in next door and young school kid discovers he’s a vampire, then it’s a case of boy vs vampire with a little bit of help from Peter Vincent (David Tennant), an illusionist with a love for the theatrics.

There aren’t really any frights in the movie, but there are some funny one liners, which certainly tickled my funny bone, most of which seem to come from David Tennant.

How’s The 3D In Fright Night?

Actually it was pretty good, nothing to over the top, meaning those types of scenes that blatantly shove things in your face. Things that really caught my eye, no pun intended, were stuff like blood spatter, burning vampire embers and the effect of foreground and background objects. But overall pretty good, making the 3D an enjoyable part of the film.

Ok Tell Us Your Rating For Fright Night

It and enjoyable film to watch, a bit slow in parts, but once it got rolling, I really enjoyed the movie, specially the cameo of the original vampire (Chris Sarandon) from the original Fright Night back in the 80′s.

So I’m giving Fright Night 3D 7.5/10 ;)

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13 Responses to Fright Night 3D – A Preview Night To Get Your Teeth Into [Movie Review]

  1. Emm says:

    Seriously? Colin Farrell and David Tennant? I had no idea and now I HAVE to see this. Yum.

  2. Leonor Miller says:

    Hey this movie really going to make the best thriller for the year, I really loved the review I wish I can watch the movie over the weekend apart of my busy schedule.

  3. Ayel says:

    hmm is this another vampire movie? :) i gotta see this. :)

  4. donnie says:

    I can’t wait to see this. I’m a huge fan of the original movie. I remember it vividly as a teenager and have watch it with enthusiasm recently. Based on your review, I’ll be out to see this and get my fright on.

  5. Joyce B. says:

    I was a huge fan of the original and was on the fence about seeing the re-make. I gotta say though, I didn’t find it half bad. It still made me jump out of my seat on more than a few occasions.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve always been a big fan of the original and still love to watch it, it’s a nice change to get a remake that still actually manages to be enjoyable ;)

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