Should I Give Away Something If You Donate To Blazing Minds?

The other day I posted about if you have a donate button on your blog and the comments have been very interesting, so I thought I would continue on the subject but this time with a different outlook on the debate of Donate Buttons.

So I’m going to ask you all something about the side of donating to Blazing Minds, if I was to give away one of our albums to download to each person that donates a minimum amount of say £2.99 would you be more likely to donate to the blog and support my music project? For example you can currently get one of the Remergence EPs for £2.99 you could get that if you wanted ;)

Yes I know this is probably the same as buying an album, but, with a difference that you could decide on the amount you wish to donate it could be more if you so wish.

Then anyone who donates is actually getting a little something back, anyway, let me know what you all think and if it looks good I will update the donate button to something like “Donate to Blazing Minds and get an album download”

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16 Responses to Should I Give Away Something If You Donate To Blazing Minds?

  1. benwaynet says:

    Interesting Idea. it would be an additional way to get your music out.
    Please the information you post here is worth a donation itself. If only I could start making some money on my site. I’d be happy to donate some, I know I’ve learned and borrowed enough ideas from you :)

  2. Colleen says:

    Ah, I see you moved your donate button to the upper right. I mentioned that the other day, perhaps others did too. Good luck on donations! I donated the other day (I think).

  3. Klaus says:

    I don’t know if this is a better idea or not, but I would probably not market it as “donate” but instead of something like “buy our album for whatever price you want”. Some other artists have done something similar, but with mixed results.

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    That’s an excellent idea, especially when the gift matches what the donations are for.

  5. ashok says:

    I think you should give the album away for donations that are a larger amount. $2 is a bit low, but I think a lot of people might give $5 donations.

    Is there a round-up of blog posts that have reviewed your album anywhere?

    • Karen says:

      Thanks ashok ;)

      • ashok says:

        I think you see my concern. It’s great to get your music out there, but as much as possible you want to get your music in the hands of people who are going to listen to it, give you feedback, and definitely review it. People who donate are a good bunch, but sometimes they give money because they don’t have time to give much else (that was the case when I got a few donations. I did see the big donation button with the 500 pound target at the official rembeatz blog).

        I was looking for reviews of your albums – I did run into your Wikipedia entry, which I thought was really cool:

  6. Mike Roosa says:

    I think you need to do what works for you. If you aren’t having luck with just the donate button then try giving something away and see if that helps. Just like everything else, test it out and see what works better.

  7. Latief says:

    That is a bad idea Karen, don’t mix the donation with something else. Just a thought :)

  8. Karen says:

    Thanks for the input everyone, I’m going with just a plain donation button with a “Like My Blog, Then Please Buy Me A Cappuccino” title on it ;)

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