Giving Readers Something Back With Top Commentators Posts


Aloneness or Loneliness?

Over this last month I’ve pondered on bringing back a collection of articles that haven’t been done for such a long time here on Blazing Minds and one of them is the Top Commentators articles.

Now I used to do a monthly article on who had commented throughout the month, but sadly it was pulled as it did seemed to pull in a lot of those spammers that were only stopping by for the links and the comments were not the best.

Top Commentators Have to Follow Rules

So as I mentioned earlier we had some people abusing the system, when we did this in the earlier years of the blog, so I’ve decided that there is going to be some new rules for the new system and this will also go for comments in general.

OK, I better tell you some of the rules that I hope everyone will follow.

  • You must have a Gravatar, there is no excuse they are free and can be set up in minutes.
  • Your comments must be well written and on topic, no links are allowed (this is what CommentLuv is for, see below).
  • Your email address should correspond with your website address, and you should use your real name.
  • You may add your Twitter handle in the box provided and you will be able to use the CommentLuv option.

So, What Are Your Thoughts On Top Commentators?

OK, folks over to you, do you like the sound of bringing back the Top Commentators?

Please drop your comments below and let me know your thoughts.

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

Editor-in-Chief at Blazing Minds
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21 Responses to Giving Readers Something Back With Top Commentators Posts

  1. Atul Kumar

    Its a nice way to award the Top Commentators of the month and a good way to gain content in form of comments from commentators. It also adds to blog-engaging by users.

    But on the other hand, we need to be extra-cautious as many people try to spam in order to gain free advertising space on the website.

    As you have rightly remarked in the post that you were facing a lot of spammers due to this and your blog was gaining just useless and waste comments.. but if one is cautious and sees each and every comment then it can prove a good milestone in blog healthy journey.

    But I would like to say here is that I would be the Top and Best Commentator :).
    Please wish me so :)

  2. Richard says:

    You did until a few months ago have top commentators on your site. I guess you took it off because of this problem. How are you going to stop it from happening in the future? Does Google still see it as being worth while? Is it worth using Keywordluv? Ok this could encourage spam comments, but you can delete a lot of these. I have commentluv on my blog and tend to get a lot of spam which I just delete. I’m thinking of upgrading to commentluv+ to help with this. But its the cost! Good luck with this!!

  3. Richard says:

    I didnt even realize you had keywordluv. Hopefully these tweeks will help with the spam issues

  4. Sally Brown says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’ll be interested to know how this works for you. It sounds like a good idea to reward top commenters. Sally

  5. JM Bob

    Good idea Karen I notice comment Luv has an upgraded version, is this any better now? Interesting post I am sorry you have been having problems with people commenting and hope that more people in your Tribe engage and communicate on a level in which you request, well done and good luck with reposting the favourite posts. It is always good to go over what is working and ensure these ranks remain in good standing. Have a great weekend.

  6. Uttoran Sen says:

    Good idea Karen,
    It will bring in more comments and the commentators will get more value for their comments.

    As for the low quality comments, you can always delete them. There will be some people trying to abuse the system, but that’s part of blogging, just keep removing them till they get tired and move on.

    Will suggest you to get that top commentators bar on the sidebar, it is exciting to see hows leading the comments tally.

    looking foreword to it,

  7. Tom Jamieson

    Hey Karen, this is a great idea for rewarding readers who interact with you on your blog. I see you are using a top commentator plugin as well, which is another great way to recognize your top engagers.

  8. bbrian017

    I’ve used this plugin for many years! It’s great to give back but at times you can also get a lot of poor quality sites of your blog is not so popular to fill the top spots with known bloggers.

  9. Sarmista Aun says:

    Hi Karen,
    Its a great idea to reward top commentators. This will also generate more traffic for your blog along with valuable comments.

  10. I’m not sure on making space on my blog for a Top Commentator’s Plug-in. My space is limited. I did however, buy the premium CommentLuv to help boost comments. Because I’ve only just turned them on. I thought comment’s made websites look UN-professional. Maybe that’s just me. – Scott Craighead

  11. Atul Kumar says:

    so, whos top commentator of June 2013 and getting a chance to feature himself/herself on this blog. Please reveal :)

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