Hang On That’s The Blazing Minds Twitter Bio!


So earlier today I was tweeting away on my iPhone, checking new followers to the official @BlazingMinds twitter when I noticed something a little strange!

It seemed to be an earlier version of the Blazing Minds Twitter Bio on someone else’s account that had just followed me, so I got in touch with the tweeter and asked them to change it.

Hang On That’s The Blazing Minds Twitter Bio!

Suffice to say a rather interesting twitter conversation was set on its way:

I must say thank you to @ayoub_rouef1 for changing the twitter bio and for the interesting conversation, it just goes to show that sometimes even your Twitter bio can be duplicated on Twitter so check yours folks, your Twitter bio could also be floating around on someone else’s Twitter profile!

So my advice, if you ever find yourself in the same situation, is: Get in touch with the tweeter and ask them to change their Twitter Bio instead of using yours, if you’re lucky then the Tweeter will respond and kindly change it, if not, then you will have to get in touch with Twitter with regards to the situation.

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Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • I had to contact the Twitter team after someone impersonated my name (hey – it’s unusual!) and photo. I only heard about it when a friend pointed it out to me. It was purportedly a girl from California – I’ve no idea what she thought she was doing. But Twitter really doesn’t take kindly to impersonation. You have to fax ID to them to prove you’re the real person, but the fake account was shut down within 24 hours. They were impressive.

  • Thanks for that Baxter, I’ll keep that in mind, just in case it ever happens again and thanks for stopping by 😉

  • Hi Karen
    It must be kind of bizarre to find that someone is trying to pretend that they are you. I have heard about it before, but don’t really see what they are getting out of it. Good to hear that you was able to fix the problem without involving Twitter.

  • Hi Thomas – I’m also glad that Karen didn’t have to involve Twitter, and that the person copying her bio chose to change it after discussion (in my case, the other user ignored my request to change their photo and username). But Twitter’s response was excellent for me, and their rules on impersonation are pretty solid. Impersonating accounts have to show a “clear intent to deceive others by using your real identity. This could include @replies, links to reproduced content, or links to Tweets.” I’m not sure copying a bio would fit those criteria. But as you say, good news it all got sorted out.

  • It is strange Thomas, I was rather shocked to see someone claiming to be me, but I think I’ve got a loyal following now who know who is behind Blazing Minds 😉

  • You sure do Karen. If it ain’t something about a moviereview it ain’t you right? 😉

  • 😆 I do tweet about other stuff you know, sometimes 😉 😉

  • I know Karen and that is when I get suspissious – lol

  • That’s kind of bizarre, but you handled it well. I don’t know how I’d react if I had a doppelganger on Twitter!

  • It’s no good going mad over it, and the user was kind enough to change the bio, so I’m happy with that 😉 Thankfully Twitter didn’t have to get involved 😉

  • I never thought to check it before to be honest so I just checked my bio with copyscape and it shows 5 duplicates but they are all mine using 3 social sites. I wonder if it’s bad to use the exact same bio on several social site profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and Google?

  • I’ve had this happen a few times – always found out through a friend who thought i had tweeted them from a new account, that contained an old bio and avi. I’ve reported the impostors each time, and it does not seem to happen as much anymore. still, I’m a little concerned about identity theft and the like… who knows what these fake accounts are being used for.

  • I use FollwerWonk to search through Twitter Bios, it’s an ideal way to see if anyone has duplicated your bio, on twitter anyway 😉

  • This is the worrying thing Steve, I’m hoped that Twitter would eventually verify my account, but still nothing 🙁

  • Oh wow… just used followerwonk, found FIVE more fake accounts using an old bio and photo… Thanks for the tip!

  • Glad to help out Steve, it’s surprising how many try it on, I hope you got in touch with the tweeters 😉

  • Haven’t ran into this before, good thing they were willing to change it so quickly.

  • Thanks Justin, sadly though, there are another two that have done the same and they haven’t responded to my requests!

  • Samuel

    Wow, they can duplicate your stuff anywhere. Have to keep your head up.

    Thanks for the post Karen 🙂