Heart Kill Giant 3 EP Limited Edition – Music Review

Heart Kill Giant EP

Now sometime back you may have seen me write a review for the release of the Heart EP by Heart Kill Giant, I’m so proud to announce that Heart Kill Giant have now released a limited edition 3 disc EP, which includes “The Heart EP”, so now it’s time for me to put on the sound system, crank up the volume and play those discs.

Heart Kill Giant 3 EP Limited Edition – Music Review

Before I start I do have to mention that the Heart Kill Giant EP is available as a limited edition hand-printed EP from Rough Trade (this is the copy that the guys sent me to review, looking good guys).

So I’m not going in to too much detail for the Heart disc, you can read my review mentioned earlier in this article, but what I will say that is The Heart EP is the first part of this trilogy set which is all nicely packaged in brown sleeves, giving you that feel of environmentally friendliness. The discs are simply white with all the required information printed on them.

Having an EP set that has so much amazing music is a must for any music fan, as with The Heart EP, the musical journey that the listener is taken is is yet another sheer delight to listen to, 12 tracks over the 3 discs have you enjoying every moment.

Now apparently the songs on the Heart Kill Giant EP were inspired by the events and characters in a whisky bar in soho over an uncompromising London winter, with hearts not so much on sleeves but at the bottom of bottles, stories flowed along with the drink and heart kill giant took the tales of the lovers, last chancers, late night revelers and soho raconteurs, and turned these confessions and declarations into the heart, the kill and the giant ep’s.

I have to say that if that’s true then they are certainly some wonderful characters and story and feelings are really shown across the three discs, I’m not saying I’m a fan of the band (Ok I am really, ever since they dropped me their first single in the post to me), but the Heart Kill Giant EP set certainly all pulls in together nicely.

After listening to  and reviewing The Heart EP back in 2010, good grief has it been that long, I’ve been really looking forward to getting my hands on The Kill EP and The Giant EP, I did mention in my review back then that there would be two further discs. Now that I’ve got them I love them.

Heart Kill Giant are one of those bands that you have a tendency to listen to over and over again, each time noticing something that bit more in the music and taking in the lyrics more and more and loving every moment.

You can get the limited edition 3 disc set from Rough Trade and you can download each EP from the Heart Kill Giant bandcamp page. Don’t forget to check Heart Kill Giant on Twitter (@HeartKillGiant) and on Facebook.

Overall Thoughts For Heart Kill Giant EP

This 3 disc set is a must for any music fan, haunting vocals, fantastic acoustic work and production values to die for, so if you love music (I’m talking good music here folks), then this is going to be a release that you really should have in your music collection.

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham