HootSuite Goes Pro! What Does This Mean For Free Users?

So after loading my HootSuite interface for my Twitter feeds today I was confronted with an option to go Pro or keep with what I’m using at the moment, but at what price?

HootSuite Pro
For starters, those of us that have used the marvellous HootSuite for free will have a reduced amount of social networks, RSS feeds and no Social insights.

Now while most of you may be saying but I only have one Twitter account and nothing else then maybe that is ok, but today people have not just a Twitter account but also FaceBook, FourSquare, MySpace, Linkedin and even Facbook pages, now that’s more that the allotted 5 Social Networks!

And you are only allowed 2 RSS feeds, looks like I’ll be going back to TwitterFeed for that then!

So what is it going to cost you to have what you now have with your HootSuite, well it’s going to cost you $5.99 (£3.77) a month, ok, it doesn’t sound much, but is you total up other costs that you may be spending over other things you may have such as your web hosting, then it soon total ups.

I’m not saying I’m a miser, ok I am really, but for me, I’ll be removing HootSuite from my computer and even from my BlackBerry and I’ll be using other Twitter apps over this one 😉

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • I was considering switching from TwitterFeed to HootSuite, now I’ll just stay where I’m at. TwitterFeed is a bit of a memory hog. C’est La Vi. It’s still free.

    • It’s a shame when something so handy decides to go for a cash influx!

  • It also means if you are using the free Hootsuite and care about click tracking for your links, don’t use Ow.ly anymore and use Bit.ly instead as you only get 30 day history with Ow.ly with free Hootsuite. It wasn’t the reduced social networks that bugged me because they count Ping.fm as one network and that can update dozens of other networks from that one account, so you really can get around it pretty easily. I don’t use Hootsuite to promote my RSS feeds and used Feedburner too so that isn’t a big one either.

    I am going to use the Free version and see if the paid ads are too annoying, I will only cancel my account if I don’t like the sponsored content they insert into my tweet stream.

    • I had HootSuite on my BlackBerry and found it useful to access the different Twitter account, @BlazingMinds and my musical Twitter @RemBeatz, it was really good for passing between them, but I’m sticking with TweetDeck from now on, it’s never failed me in the past 😉

  • Really this is a shame, I was just really starting to like Hootsuite, back to Tweetdeck for me I guess unless I pick up a few more clients to mange communities for…

    • I found it quick via Chrome, it’s back to Tweetdeck for me as well 😉

  • Patricia

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I don’t really understand a lot of the techie side of blogging so I’m glad you and others who know about these things. Tthanks for sharing Karen. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Always glad to share a bit of wisdom now and again 😉

  • Estava Morioka

    Hi Karen, please don’t laugh at me when I tell you that I’m tweeting from the New Twitter! I haven’t even started using HootSuite yet. I guess I’ll just stay put. LOL!

    • *giggle* The New Twitter! I suspect that even the new design Twitter is better than paying for something 😉

  • Karen I’ve received the same stop-message. So fastly I opened Tweetdeck till I enter and I’ll choose the basic.
    I monitor facebook via Tweetdeck, but it is a pity the theme.

    For tracking I’m using Bit.ly anyway – also for RSS I’m using Twitterfeed and you can use Twaitter.

    I’ll see how is going, if not I’ll stop using and seeing other alternatives.
    Anyone has experience with Seesmic?

    All the best,


    • I’ve not tried Twaitter yet for feeds, must check that out over the next couple of days 😉

  • Dennis Edell

    Is tweetdeck as good an all-in-one solution?

    • It’s not as good as an all-in-one solution, but it does enable me to have all my Social Networks accounts on 😉

  • Thanks for the feedback. We carefully considered options and extensively surveyed users before our August announcement of the paid accounts. Thereafter we made adjustments based on user feedback. Keep in mind that the HootSuite basic plan continues to be free and is loaded with the core HootSuite tools that are most commonly used. We appreciate feedback from anyone, feel free to drop us a line at the Community Forum http://ow.ly/3bzwL.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I understand that the core of Hootsuite is free, so it’s probably still ideal for those that have simple needs 😉

  • Kissie

    I don’t get it, you’re giving up on HootSuite altogether?

    I have it on my Droid phone and plan to continue to use what I can for free before determining if I will go back to TweetDeck (while it is still free).

    • It’s not really viable for me to use, it’s reduced my RSS feeds right down and I have more Social Network accounts than I can have on the Free cut down version and I don’t really want to be pushing out any more of my cash at the moment 😉

  • Steve

    I was pretty bummed when I logged in to Hootsuite today and saw the new free option that is pretty worthless. I am considering creating 10 accounts to keep all my Twitter accounts available within Hootsuite or switching to TweetDeck. What is the best alternative to Hootsuite?

    • I’m still looking into the alternatives, but suffice to say so far it’s a combination of using TweetDeck and Twitterfeed.

  • Kevin Tea

    It will only be a matter of time before the likes of Tweetdeck and Seesmic follow suite and monetise their investment so those who are thinking of jumping ship to save a few pounds/dollars/ etc are merely putting off the evil day.

    You have to use what works best and if that means a small financial payment – in this case it’s the price of one pint of beer a month – then so be it.

    Ironically since I got my new Android phone I have played with all the mobile Twitter clients and Tweetdeck works best for me in that situation.

    • I suppose it is inevitable, every usually goes down that paid for road eventually 😉

  • I saw this email yesterday, and quickly started looking for alternatives that offer the same features as Hootsuite and haven’t found any. I really do not like TweetDeck. I updated and it crashed my laptop before it fully loaded. It then continued to slow things down after I free up some memory.

    I really don’t use the stats but I have a large list of trusted blogging buddies I have setup to tweet their RSS feeds. Now I am stuck with just two. I use twitterfeed but to many spammers and bots use Twitterfeed and I noticed my followers dropped when I tweet to much from them. I am testing Twaitter and its got a free version and a pro verision. The free version has unlimited RSS feeds. I am still testing this. I admit, its not as good as Hootsuite RSS but I really do not want to pay to use these features. If I take on clients and run their social media then I would pay for it.

    For now, I will be using Twaitter and Twitterfeed for my feeds and Hootsuite only as a client until someone comes out with a better web client.

    • One of the reasons I liked HootSuite so much was the RSS feed options, but lets face two feeds just isn’t enough 😉

      • I agree, I could deal 5 or 10 feeds. I could use TwitterFeed and other sources to make up for it. So are you no longer using Hootsuite for any thing?

        • I have one lonely Twitter account and a couple of feeds running on it at the moment, but besides that I’m using TweetDeck for all my Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc 😉

  • I was using hootsuite much before tweetdeck and then my use reduced when it went freemium and now its pro ! Now i see every-other tool which was previously free going premium ! Might be since twitter started earning , these cool apps too have started monetization 🙂

    • I think it’s the way of the world, sadly 😉 Nothing is really free in the end 😉

  • Raj

    It is moment of welcome as it is very informative for a newbie like me. I have first time learn about HootSuite and sure will enjoy its services.

  • It is a shame that sites have to go that way, but I suppose, the majority will opt in and pay..

  • Dan

    While I understand that the bottom line of any company is to make money, in the world of social media clients, there way be a little too much competition for HootSuite to make as much money as they are most likely hoping to make with their monthly Pro accounts. There are a myriad of desktop and web-based clients that remain free that have become popular amongst those with the strongest voices in social media.

  • Dan M

    HootSuite does integrate with Ping.fm (for those wanting to set up an RSS feed to go to multiple outputs)

  • John

    Here’s where Hootsuite messed up. Typically, when a service such as this goes paid, they usually add extra features that people would want to pay for. Instead, they chose to cripple the little guy such as myself. I used Hootsuite for 2 Twitters, 2 Facebooks, a Myspace, and a Foursquare. I had one team member authorized to update 1 of the Twitters and 1 of the Facebooks. Not exactly what one would consider to be a power user, right? The same functionality that I’ve had for the better part of 2010 would now cost me a monthly fee. If you want me to pay a fee, give me something that I didn’t already have, something to make me WANT to pay. Don’t tell me that I have to pay just to keep what I already have.

    So now I have to search for an alternative. None are terribly attractive to me. Not even Hootsuite was perfect, but it was the best that was available. I guess all good things must come to an end. For as little as my usage and needs were, I can’t justify paying a monthly fee. A one-time fee might perhaps be something I’d consider, but not an on-going monthly fee.

    Hootsuite does have the right to make a buck. Nobody is denying them that. I’m just saying that they should make it off the enterprise users who have hundreds of feeds to manage and a like number of team members. Don’t nickel and dime the little guy.

  • Emm

    Hi Karen. Were you using Hootsuite a bit like Friendfeed? A place to have Twitter plus feeds plus Facebook all in one place? I’ve looked at things like that before but they do my head in. I have little pockets of time throughout the day and I visit my rss feeds, Facebook and Echofon (for Twitter) separately.

    • I was using very much for a collection of my social networks, got them all on TweetDeck and it’s FREEEEEEEE 😆 😉