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Yesterday, I was a bit stuck for a blog post so I stopped by the amazing BloggerLuv and posted an update which read “I’m not sure what to blog today, any ideas?”. Suffice to say my blogging buddies never fail to lend a helping hand.

Sophisticated BloggerSeveral of my fellow bloggers rallied to the call and came up with some fantastic ideas on different topics on what to write about and even places to visit to get ideas. All of which I can use and most probably will do.

So when you do get stuck for anything, you can always count on your friends and if you are a BloggerLuv member then even more so as the blog is called “BloggerLuv” it goes to prove that those in the community are there to help and are willing to take time from their blogging schedules and show some support.

The call also went out on Twitter via BloggerLuv, now how cool is that?

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So if you are ever in a predicament where you need a little help from fellow blogger or even a fresh outlook on something, then I would highly recommend getting over to BloggerLuv, also use other social networks by asking others for ideas, ok you may not get everyone answering, but those that do will certainly of helped you out ;)

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

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Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham