Jack The Giant Slayer 3D: Another Fairytale Reboot

Jack the Giant Slayer

I think we all know the story of Jack and there Beanstalk, or do we! Jack the Giant Slayer (Jack the Giant Killer) is another of those fairytale movies that is promising you more and telling us we don’t know the whole story.

So as we all know the story of Jack, is there much point me telling you the story, well not really, but Jack the Giant Slayer, does have an interesting way of changing the story slightly and in quite a nice way.

Jack The Giant Slayer 3D: Another Fairytale Reboot

All the fairy tale is there, with slight differences which are given the reason towards the end of the film, so I’m not mentioning them here in this review, no spoilers folks.

So Jack befriends a princess (Eleanor Thomlinson), she is taken up to the land of the giants when the beanstalk grows up to the skies, now it’s up to Jack (Nicholas Hoult) and the king’s top men led by Belmont (Ewan McGregor) to rescue the princess and stop the hoards of giants attacking the kingdom.

Directed by Bryan Singer, Jack the Giant Slayer, is a bit of a strange film, yes it us fairly exciting, but what let’s it down is there 3D, it’s not really got that feel of depth and only certain scenes do slightly work.

The other problem I had with the film was the CGI, some of it wasn’t all that good, but it’s only a slight niggle.

The trouble with these spate of fairy take movies is that they have to be something very special to bring in the audiences to tell a story that most of us only hear and see at Christmas at the pantomimes.

Although Jack the Giant Slayer is so much better than Hansel and Gretel, it still seems to lack am overwhelming appeal to an audience that is now accustomed to sci-fi and all out action movies.

Overall Thoughts Of Jack The Giant Slayer

An interesting idea, but the subject matter really doesn’t give in to that much more you could ads to the original story, fun in parts and a good excuse for a night out.

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