Lost Twitter Followers? Spammers And Dead Accounts Removed!


So if you are one of the many that suddenly noticed a big drop in their Twitter Followers count, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one that this has happened to, it’s happened to a few Twitter users.

Over the last month or so, it seems there has been a bit of a “Twitter Cull” going on and users have reported that their Twitter Followers counts have plummeted by the hundreds and some in the thousands.

But, it’s nothing to be really worried about as it seems that Twitter was removing those dead accounts and those pesky spammers, so a lot of us had a decrease in our Twitter Followers counts in one big swoop.

Lost Twitter Followers? Spammers And Dead Accounts Removed!

It’s inevitable that this was going to happen as there are so many dodgy accounts out there and with Twitter doing this, it’s certainly allows us to have a cleaner following on Twitter.

You may have lost a load of followers, but isn’t it better to lose the spammers etc, than you trying to hunt them down yourselves and block them one by one. Unless you have made the mistake of buying all your followers, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The accounts that have been removed may have followed you because of something you may have tweeted, such as a hashtag that they are monitoring in order of getting a follow back from you, they may even be following loads, then unfollowing in minutes if you don’t follow back, I’ve had a few of those.

What Can You Do And How To Find Out If You Have Fake Twitter Followers

When it comes to doing anything about twitter removing those fake followers, there isn’t anything you can do, the only plus side is, as I mentioned earlier, it saves you a lot of time going through all your followers and trying to weed out the suspect accounts.

I have been asked how you can find if you are being followed by Fake Followers and the best way and Twitter app/website that I have found is a website called “Status People” which allows you to see a percentage of your Twitter account as Fake, Inactive and Good.

It’s not 100% but it does given you an idea of your followers. Then its down to you to remove them.

Over To You

So have you recently lost a lot of Twitter Followers and didn’t know why? Are you bothered?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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Karen Woodham
  • Karen, I was so glad to come across this on Scoop.it. I’m glad they have gotten rid of spammers and dead accounts on Twitter.
    I did not loss any recently, thankfully. I had another site to check if they were fake and I can’t remember the name. Similar to the one you suggested.
    Thanks for this post Karen. Made my day!

  • Hi Karen,

    From time to time, I use manageflitter to check unfollows, fakes and other stuff. I didn’t notice those reductions, but less spam is always good 🙂

    I’m going to “Status People” to test their service I didn’t know this site, thanks!

    Good weekend !


  • I used this app but it shows 100 percent of my followers are genuine. But I have serious doubt how it consider some genuine or fake followers. I agree with you that one can’t rely alone in this app for getting stats of fake followers.

  • I also use manageflitter, although I don’t use the paid option, so the option for forcing fake followers to unfollow isn’t available, but, I can unfollow possible fakers I may be following 😉

  • You either have an amazing following or some have slipped under wire, but nothing that scans an account can get everything right.

  • I had a big drop, but as I mentioned in the article, spammers follower other people for many reasons and it seems that I may have posted something that caught their attention 😉

  • Well I actually DID lose about 50 in just one day! I was so curious about what caused it. The tool I used to go to is no longer – it would tell you if there was a Tweet you sent that preceded someone unfollowing you. So you have now fed my curiosity about it. And, I also took a look at the tool Status People and I am in terrific shape with no fakes and only 2% inactive!

    Thanks for your post.

  • Hi Patricia, thank you for stopping by and commenting, I used to use a Twitter Tool that used to do the same, can’t my finger on what it was called though! Great to hear that you had a good result on Status People 😉

  • Hi Karen,
    I praise that action from Twitter. I actually didn’t feel any much effect from that action but I think it’s good for real people who are doing real business on Twitter.

    100 real followers are better than 1000 bots 😉

  • Exactly Enstine, I’d rather have real followers that bots, lets face it sometimes Twitter is like standing in a field shouting to deaf ears anyway, but to be shouting to a stack on cardboard cut-outs is even worse 😆 😉

  • sapna

    HI Karen,

    Kudos to tweeter for cleaning the stuff really. I appreciate their effort, I’ve lost few in the process. But count doesn’t really bother me.


  • Quality over quantity is always the best bet 😉

  • Hey there Karen,

    About time too! I would rather have the spammers and dead accounts removed so that I can know how many “true” followers I have. I’m also going to Status People now, actually, and sort through my followers. Thanks for the info, Karen!

  • It is good to know that twitter are removing the accounts, now all they need to do is remove the user that has copied my account and claims to be me!!

  • David

    Yea that’s what happened to me too. People are so weird. I used to go by Edge Of David on Twitter, the name of my personal blog, but changed it about a year ago to my actual name. Well, now their’s a Twitter account using my old handle tweeting stuff about Kim Kardashain. Lesson learned, I should have just squatted on that old name.

  • Thanks for the info. Personally, I don’t care much if I lost those fake accounts. I know who are my followers as I always interact with them.

  • Suresh Khanal

    Its really awesome when Twitter itself cleans off the dirt. I was heavily relying on ManageFilter to clean up my account and it really takes some of my time. Good to know Twitter has cleaned off some of the stuffs!

    Though quality follower is a must, but the counts is not something I could just ignore. Hope it will come up soon again. 🙂

  • Aisha

    Hi,The site which is suggested by you is very useful for me.It really works.I have checked my followers in that site and all are genuine and real followers…….Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • It is better without those spammers, I have a post coming up about Twitter Impersonators soon, you may find that interesting as well 😉

  • Interaction is always the best way, I utilize lists to keep up with all my favourite and loyal followers 😉

  • Congratulations, the more followers you have the more of a chance that you have some fake followers 😉

  • I dare say that the follower count that you had will come back in time, but with Twitter doing these “Culls” more frequently, it certainly helps keep those pesky twitter spammers at bay, for a little while anyway 😉

  • Hi Karen,
    I have not seen a drop in my follower list so far. However, I know I have a lot of inactive followers since I have had my account since 2008 and I have been getting and losing followers since then. In fact, there was a time around 2010 when I was inactive myself 🙂

    Thank you for sharing about statuspeople. I will check them out as well.


  • Every once in a while Twitter had a cull, you are quite lucky if they haven’t hit some not your followers 😉