Mrs Browns Boys Has Them Queuing For Tickets At The Rhyl Pavilion

Mrs Brown's Boys 2013

So this morning tickets went on sale for Mrs Browns Boys which is coming to the Rhyl Pavilion in March, suffice to say there are a lot of fans of the show in the area.

People had queued up since around 7am ready for the box office to open at 9am, with some waiting around two hours to work their way along the massive queue to buy their tickets, which were limited to 4 per person.

Mrs Browns Boys Has Them Queuing For Tickets At The Rhyl Pavilion

It may seem that the 3 dates will be completely sold out by the time you get to read this blog post, but hopefully not, I was hoping to get in there myself to review the show for Blazing Minds, but it looks like this isn’t going to happen, which is a real shame.

I would have loved to bring you all a review of Mrs Browns Boys Live, but with the popularity of the award-winning show, it looks like I won’t be bringing you a review from the Rhyl Pavilion.

But never fear, I do have two other shows lined up for review at the Pavilion and I do hope that you’ll all enjoy those reviews.

It only goes to show that an extremely popular show will make people dip in to the pockets for a night out at the theater for a special night out, with the economy the way it is, it’s nice to know that people can afford events such as this to bring a smile to their faces.

Let’s just hope that with the success of Mrs Browns Boys here at the Rhyl Pavilion that they decide to put on a couple of extra performances for those that couldn’t get tickets, you just never know, there will be a lot of disappointed people who haven’t been able to get tickets for the show.

OK over to you, if you live in the Rhyl area and have been able to get tickets, then let me know how excited your are  about Mrs Browns Boys, if you couldn’t get tickets then let me know your thoughts.

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • lee howard

    I have had contact with the production co and because these dates are pre tours dates, normally used for getting the show slick and iron out anything that wont work, they wont invite press of any kind.

  • Boooooooooo

  • Sarah Park

    Based on the photos, looks like the ticket have been sold out by now.

  • They sold out really quickly Sarah.