My Trials and Tribulations with Wefollow!

Now sometime back, I was listed on the Twitter database Wefollow, great I thought this will help promote my Twitter to even more people!

Hmmmm, didn’t last long though, after a while I decided to change the tags so that my Twitter would be listed in a category more suited…

So following instructions on changing the tags, I proceeded to update them using the wefollow website, very easy really, until I noticed that now my Twitter had vanished completely from Wefollow, it was nowhere to be found, so I tried updating the tags again! Still nothing, very strange.

Off I went to the help that Wefollow offer on GetSatisfaction, if you can call it help!

I’ve posted countless times asking for help, even found an email on the website to contact someone for help, have I had help, have I heck! Not a thing, not one single response, it comes to something when people just ignore your cries for help!

So my advice to anyone using Wefollow, is don’t change your tags, you may disappear into the black hole of obscurity, never to be helped out of it!!!!!!

UPDATE: 6 Oct 2009

Since making this post I have now also tried contacting WeFollow via email and still nothing, so the problem has not been sorted out, what a way to run a website….

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Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds blog an avid blogger of all sorts of interesting and odd things. She is also a Cinema Film Reviewer, based in Rhyl, where she reviews the latest movies and is a bit of a local celebrity, a new generation of online journalist. Follow Karen Woodham on Twitter, Facebook and
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10 Responses to My Trials and Tribulations with Wefollow!

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Great information. I’d not thought of this in these terms.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Extreme John says:

    Yeah that is pretty annoying to say the least, trying to reach tech support for anything Twitter related is usually a complete pain in the ya know..
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Dumbest Twitter Sales Pitch Yet =-.

    • Karen says:

      Your not wrong there, I see from your blog that your having similar problems with Twitter at the moment, I really hope you get something back from them sooner or later, my last problem with twitter took 4 months to get an answer!

  3. Shadow says:

    I just made a account at Wefollow. I will keep this in mind..Thanks for sharing…
    .-= Shadow@Compute Live´s last blog ..5 Most Beautiful Windows 7 Themes =-.

  4. Lilyruth says:

    Im on WEFOLLOw and I hope maybe with this comment I will get noticed and get some Followeres there soon Smile my tags are dogs, dog news, funny dog pictures, doggie tales, so look for me @lilruth on WEFOLLOW and on Twitter I love dogs and love making new friends. With this article I am going to go and check out my WEFOLLOW account and see if Im still even on there. ha ha ha. I will FOLLOW you if you like to Follow me. @lilruth Im better known as Lilyruth on my other blogs. Best of everything to you and know you still have my votes and I also clicked on your adgitize ads and dropped Ecard on you. Hugs.

  5. steppinout says:

    Will keep it in minds. Thanks for mentioning about this.

  6. John U. says:

    What do you mean you’re disappeared from wefollow?
    Here’s the link:

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