New To Blogging? Don’t Give Up On Your Blog!

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If you are new to blogging then you’ve probably got that bug that all new bloggers get when they start out on their own blog, the excitement of writing your thoughts etc for the world to ponder on.

So you’ve got your blog, you’ve decided to take the Leap and get your own domain and hosting so you have more freedom to do what you want, you’re all set up and you write your first blog post, then your second, third and then you think, “No one is stopping by the blog”.

At that moment your heart sinks and you may start to lose the interest you had when you started the blog, but you should remember one thing, never give up on your blog.

Let’s set you straight with a little bit about blogging, first of all it’s very time-consuming and at times frustrating when you are trying to think of an interesting article for your current and future readers.

Secondly, just because you have a blog and you write on it, doesn’t mean people will find your blog, they have to be told about it, shown the amazing articles you have written and then join in with the discussions that can take place via your comments section.

Never Give Up On Your Blog

Over the years I’ve seen many blogs disappear from the blogosphere and a lot of them go after around 12 months, this is probably due to people starting their blogs and then thinking it’s not for them or they just can’t get the traffic and comments that they want, so simply give up.

You should never give up if your only issue is your traffic etc. Let’s face it as soon as you post an article it’s out in the world, opp n the search engines and ready to be found, then it’s down to you to tell people about your new blog posts and get the word out.

Yes blogging is time-consuming, but if you want to make a success out of anything you have to tell people about things, make them want to stop by and read your article and other posts you may have made, as well as leaving comments.

Don’t start a blog just to make money, this is the wrong reason for starting one and people will pick up on this very quickly, start your blog for the passion of writing about what you like, not what others want, unless your passion is something that others will find extremely interesting.

Persevere And Enjoy Your Blogging

Keeping your blog alive is probably one of the main problems with blogging in general, giving it a frequent amount of good content can be problematic, but with time you can overcome this in several ways and these can also be fun.

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1. Keep a notebook on you for those moments when something pops in to your head and screams “blog post” at you.

2. Use Google Trends to keep an eye on what is happening in the world and create posts that tally in with the latest news.

3. Keep an eye on Twitter Hash Tags, much like Google Trends you can post up some of the bizarre hash tags that may be trending on Twitter

4. Reviews are great to do, be it film reviews (like the ones I do), or even product reviews of something that you have recently bought.

5. Your daily musings or moans 😉

Shout Your Blog Out To The WORLD!

So how do you get your blog out to more people?

Now there are several ways of doing this, but I’m only going to tell you the methods that I know that work, purely from my experience in blogging since 2008, so hopefully you’ll get the popularity that your blog deserves.

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1. Blog Name vs Twitter Name

This is a method that has always been something I recommend to everyone starting a blog/website. When you are buying your domain name, make sure it is the same for your Twitter name!

As an example, my website is and my Twitter is BlazingMinds this comes in handy for the SEO of you website as you will be linked to Twitter and show that it is you official Twitter for your website, as it has the same name.

2. Social Networking

With the way the world is today, social networking and social sharing is extremely important, as I mentioned above have your Twitter with the same as your website, the same goes for the social networks, such as FaceBook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc.

Sometimes someone will have beat on you to it, but if you can be on the majority of networks, then even better.

If your blog is using WordPress then install Jetpack which will allow you to post you new articles instantly to Twitter and Facebook etc. This way you are saving time promoting your site on the two big sites.

2. BlogEngage (Syndicate Your Blog Posts)

Now nice been using BlogEngage since I first started Blazing Minds, yes it’s a paid service, but believe me the power that BlogEngage has is outstanding.

After becoming a member of BlogEngage and selecting your choice of package, all your new posts are automatically listed in the BlogEngage network, for member to read, share, vote and comment on. But it’s not just BlogEngage, your article is also posted to other RSS Syndication sites as part of the package you have chosen.

In my point of view and from experience, BlogEngage is one of the reasons that Blazing Minds has become popular and the other member are superb and very helpful when it comes to help with your new blog.

3. Reading and Commenting on Other Blogs

So I mentioned BlogEngage, this is also an ideal place to find new blogs for you to read and comment on, with a massive collection of blogs to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

By commenting on other blogs you will have bloggers see that your blog exists, also most blogs these days are using the superb WordPress plugin “CommentLuv’ which will allow you to show off your last blog post in the comment section with your comment, it’s used here on Blazing Minds and bloggers love it.

With your commented starting to appear on other blogs, you will start getting traffic back to yours and in turn, hopefully, those bloggers with leave comments for you as well, but always remember, leave well written comments that are to do with the article not just things like, “great post”, “very interesting” or even “thanks for sharing”, because your comments will be deleted.

4. Advertising (Free and Paid)

Don’t be afraid of advertising your blog, you may have noticed I’ve mentioned FREE advertising, yes folks you can advertise for free, more on that in a moment.

There are so many sites offer paid advertising, but my method for this is direct through the blog you are visiting, most bloggers will have a graphic or two that says, “Advertise Here”. These are direct fro. The bloggers and this is usually the best method to use as you know the site that your blog will be advertised on.

OK, let’s get on to the FREE advertising, this is a little different to paid advertising and is a great method, although a little strange. I did right an article about this on BlogEnage a little while back, but I’ll give you the methods here as well.

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FREE advertising is one of the simplest things to do and you can do it all by yourself, when you post a letter or parcel, add your website address and twitter name to the bottom of the letter etc. Sounds crazy I know, but it really does work, trust me I do it myself.

Although not free at first, but costing very little, buy yourself a T-Shirt or Sweatshirt with your website and/or Twitter printed on it with your logo if you have one, wear it around your town or in work even when you are on holiday, people will see it and check it out.

Radio advertising for free!

Surprisingly you can get advertised on the radio for free, I used this method purely by accident, my local radio station @PointFMRhyl, has requests and contests, when I first started texting in there were two Karen’s, so I simple added “Karen from Blazing Minds” on the end of my texts, so they would know it was me, now I get a mention for Blazing Minds.

For me everything worked out with the radio side as working with my local cinema on film reviews , I also do them on the radio station as well, so your blog can open other sorts for you 😉

The World Is Your Blogging Oyster

So there you have just a little bit of help with your new blogging adventures, remember, it’s your blog, you control it, you are the one writing the article, unless you have also started accepting Guest Posts (but that a whole other article for you to read).

Keep at your blogging, enjoy it, let’s face it, you wouldn’t have started your blog if you had nothing to say, so why stop! Keep your thoughts etc flowing, you don’t have to post every day, twice a week will suffice when you first start out. When you get more popular, then you can post more to keep your readers interested in you.

Last of all, develop your style, I always write the same way as I talk, throwing in a bit of humour from time to time and everyone knows my style, so develop your own, NEVER COPY anyone else style, be original.

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