Underworld: Blood Wars – A Sacrifice has to be made! – Review

Wow is it really five years to the day that I last reviewed an Underworld movie? It certainly is, the last movie was Underworld: Awakening which I thoroughly enjoyed back in 2012, now Selene (Kate

SPLIT: James McAvoy is the Scary Kevin!

James McAvoy stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split  After three girls are kidnapped by a man with 24 distinct personalities they must find some of the different personalities that can help them while running

xXx: Return of Xander Cage 3D – Review

Back in 2002 xXx hit the big screens, now after 15 year’s Vin Diesel has come back to the xXx franchise in Return of Xander Cage. After coming out of self-imposed exile,

Graffiti (Short Film) A Well-crafted, Smart Film – Review

Graffiti is the latest short film from director Lluis Quilez, his previous works include 2014’s Out of the Dark and stars Oriol Pla as Edgar. The main plot of the film concerns

Book Review: Anointed to Heal

About The Book Randy Clark and Bill Johnson witness the miraculous regularly and see thousands touched by God every year. Anointed to Heal – written in a behind-the-scenes style – is in an

Take a Trip to the Delightful ‘La La Land’! – Review

The first thing that springs to mind when La La Land first starts, are those movies that we hade in the golden era of Hollywood, those musicals with vibrant colours, wonderful songs and

Live By Night starring Ben Affleck – Review

Ben Affleck returns to cinemas on the 13th January, not as Batman this time but as Joe Coughlin in the new dramatic thriller, Live By Night. What you put out into this world

Assassin’s Creed Gets the Movie Treatment in RealD 3D

There have certainly been some mixed reviews for Assassin’s Creed, but as with all movie adaptations of games, it is inevitable that there is going to be a lot of negativity for the

The Purge: Election Year – Blu-ray Review

Today sees the release of The Purge: Election Year on Blu-ray™ and DVD, the third in the franchise of movie that started back in 2013 when the original movie set in the near

Don’t wait as long as I did to see this Thing!

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to finally see John Carpenter’s 1982 cult Sci-Fi Horror classic “The Thing”. Actually, I can, as this is not the type of genre

Passengers – Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt – Review

There have been some mixed feeling when it comes to Passengers which has been seen from some of the reviews that have been going around. So the other night I popped on over

Jack and the Beanstalk, A Traditional Panto at Theatr Colwyn

It was Panto time again the other day, this time it was time to take a journey with Jack and climb the Beanstalk at Theatr Colwyn. Jack and the Beanstalk was brought

Peter Pan Flew His Way into Our Hearts at The Rhyl Pavilion

This year’s pantomime at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre could only be described as magical as J.M. Barrie’s classic, Peter Pan flew into the Rhyl Pavilion to charm children of all ages. The

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 3D IMAX Review

Director Gareth Edwards takes the helm for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and brings us a Star Wars not seen since 1977! I love Star Wars, I really do, it’s hard to

Aladdin at Venue Cymru is a Magical Success

Yes folks Panto season is well and truly here (Oh No it isn’t, Oh yes it is!) and last night I had the chance to see Aladdin at Venue Cymru in Llandudno and

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D – Review

I remember back when Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was originally released in cinemas, a film which has captured the hearts of many, young and old, a film which still has fans loving


Lance Armstrong – The Program [InfoGraphic]

Ben Foster takes the reins as Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears’ biopic, The Program, delivering a captivating performance that is enhanced by the actor’s scarily similar physical appearance to the disgraced cyclist.

Brooklyn – Retro Posters

On the 29th February the BAFTA and Academy Award® nominated movie, Brooklyn, is coming to DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment, to celebrate the release of the movie a set of

Kill Command Official Trailer and Poster

Kill Command is about an elite army unit that are helicoptered to a remote, off-the-grid island facility. What starts out as a simple training exercise for Captain Bukes (played by Thure Lindhardt)

Oscar Winning Leonardo DiCaprio Trivia

He has starred in epic films like Titanic, Blood Diamond and The Wolf of Wall Street and has famously dated some of the hottest supermodels ever. Yet despite being one of the

5 Things I hate About Transformers

I wanna start this off with two facts, the first being that I actually didn’t want to do this. When I planned out writing these one of the things I didn’t want

Pete’s Dragon Reboot – First Teaser Trailer

Another Disney classic gets the reboot (reimagining) treatment, something that is happening way too much these days, in my humble opinion, this time Disney has reworked the 1977 classic Pete’s Dragon, an

Black Mass Gets a March Release Date on DVD/Blu-ray

More movie news for you today dear readers as we bring you the news of the release date of the Johnny Depp movie, Black Mass, which is coming to Blu-rayTM, DVD and Digital HDTM.

American Horror Project is Coming to Blu-ray/DVD

Bit of news for those Horror fans out there reading Blazing Minds as we bring you new of the release of American Horror Project which will be making its way to fans in a

Sir Clive Sinclair Launches New Hand-Held Games Console!

Now I may be proving my age here, but I remember those days of the Sinclair ZX81, the Spectrum 48K and 128K models, ah those were the days. Well the news is

Eureka! Entertainment Acquire UK Rights to New Kiyoshi Kurosawa Film

More movie news dear readers as we’ve just received word that Eureka! Entertainment have acquired the UK rights to the new film from Kiyoshi Kurosawa, JOURNEY TO THE SHORE, and we have

Hold Me Now – On Location and Behind the Scenes – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen me post up about being on set for Dene Michael‘s new video for his new track “Hold Me Now“, last week I was

Deadpool – Violence, Action and the 4th Wall! – Review

We’ve all been waiting for a damn good Deadpool movie, special after the awful treatment the character got in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but let’s not talk about that one. Yes we have gone down