Paige’s Disney Dream Needs YOU

Hi everyone, now this isn’t going to be a massive blog post, but it going to be something important.

This post about is a little girl called Paige:

Paige is only 3 years old and in March was diagnosed with a grade three glioma in her brain stem and has been given only six to nine months to live.

We as a team here at Tiny Tots are rapidly trying to raise money in the hope we will be able to send Paige and her family to Disney for her to be a ‘Princess’ for a day.

We have created this page to keep people informed with all the events that are being planned to help Paige’s Disney dream come true.

So what can you do?

If you are in the Rhyl area on the 14th July then stop by the Coronation Gardens and join in with fun on the Family Fun day to show your support and make your donations to help Paige.

If you can;t make the Family Fun Day, then stop by the Paige’s Disney Dream Facebook page and find out how you can help donate to help Paige become a Disney Princes for a day.

Paige's Disney Dream

If you do manage to get to the fun day, you’ll get to meet @PointFMRhyl and @PrettyGirlRCK3, most of all you’ll be helping a little girl ;)

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