Preparing For This Years Sci Fi Weekender #SFW5

Sci-Fi Weekender

I can’t believe it, it’s almost a year since we were last in Pwllheli for the Sci Fi Weekender and an amazing weekend that was, guess what, we are going to be doing it all over again, but this time with a little something new!

Sci-Fi Weekender

So those of you that do read Blazing Minds will remember the weekend that we covered and there was so much going on that we had to spread the articles over a week, just to bring you everything that was going on over the weekend.

Now this year, we will still be bringing you exclusive tweets from Pwllheli and maybe some will include some exclusive photos, not only that but we will be working hard to bring you so much more and to do this we will be working closely with our sister site, Ask The Usher.

Having the new sister site allows us to do something that we couldn’t do last year and that’s the “video interviews“, yes folks, we are doing so much more at Sci Fi Weekender this year and it’s going to be busy, busy, busy.

It’s going to be so busy that we will be taking and extra person with us to help with running everything as smoothly as possible, fingers crossed ;)

Sci Fi Weekender 5 The Biggest Event in the Welsh Sci Fi Calendar in 2014

The weekend has to big the biggest Sci Fi weekend in the Welsh calendar, with people not only coming from far and wide from the UK, but also from abroad as well, we will try to catch up with everyone while we are there, so you never know, if you are going you may ask you to join us for a quick chat.

Darth Elvis Sci Fi Weekender 5

We’ve already got some great guest lined up to have a chat with and we know you are all bursting to see who we have got, suffice to say, the reviews for the weekend and other snippets will be here on Blazing Minds and some of the interviews will be on the sister site, Ask The Usher, we will also have some exclusive over there as well.

If you remember last year, we were rushing around everywhere, during the weekend, but we did manage to get to some amazing guests such as Brian Blessed, Frazer Hines, Robert Rankin and Virginia Hey, to name but a few.

Spencer Wilding

We even managed to post out some news on the Ice Warrior at the time, talking of the Ice Warrior (see what I did there lol), the Ice Warrior himself will be joining us at this years event, yes folks, you will have seen us post it up earlier, our good friend Spencer Wilding will be at this years event.

He’ll be over towering guests and signing autographs, of cause you know that we’ll get him to say “Hi” via our Twitter account, we will, yes we will ;) ;)

Sci Fi Weekender 5 – A Preparation For a Weekend of Hard Work and Fun

Although the weekend isn’t until the 27th March we have worked hard organising everything, so that we can bring you something extremely special, we had so much amazing feedback from everyone that was keeping on eye on the website, Twitter and Facebook last year, that we want to show you guys that we love doing these events and want to bring you more.

Photo of Sci-Fi Weekender 4 Queue for the Opening Ceremony by @BlazingMinds

Photo of Sci-Fi Weekender 4 Queue for the Opening Ceremony by @BlazingMinds

How Would You Like To Be Involved In Our Coverage Of Sci Fi Weekender 5?

So we would like you guys to get involved in this years Sci Fi Weekender with us, yes you heard that right, we want you to become part of the weekend and it couldn’t be easier, all you have to do to get involved is to ….

  1. Stop by the line-up page by clicking here (more guests get added before the event).
  2. Pick a couple of guests that you are interested in.
  3. Leave a comment below with a question you would like to ask to your chosen guest.

We will pick the best questions and we will put them to them during the weekend, yep, it’s really that simple. Like the sound if that? Then leave your questions in the comment section!

So there you have it folks, so now that I’ve banged away on the keyboard long enough typing out this post, I’m off for a bit of classic Star Trek, so don’t forget the above and remember to keep it @BlazingMinds and @AskTheUsher for loads of exclusive SFW5 tweets during 27th-30th March ;)

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham

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Karen Woodham


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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham

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  1. Leslie farrington says:

    I am gonna be there as the 10th Doctor and am definitely interested in being part of the video interviews

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