Have You Read Or Do You Read The Blazing Minds Bloggers Daily?

Most of you who do follow me on twitter, @BlazingMinds, will have seen the “daily” papers that I post up and sometimes a small list of the tweeters that are included in the Daily editions.

Now the one I’m going to focus on today is the Blazing Minds Bloggers Daily, it’s an online newspaper using one of my Twitter lists, the Bloggers list to be more precise, this list is taken by the website paper.li and converted into an online newspaper giving you some of the best bloggers tweets and blog articles for you to read.

The Bloggers Daily from Blazing Minds

I have been asked several questions about the Bloggers Daily, such as “How Do I get Listed?” and “How does this work?”

Well with regards to getting listed, it’s a simple case that if you are a blogger and you’re on Twitter, then you may be in the running to get listed in the Bloggers Daily, as I mentioned earlier the “paper” is made from my Bloggers Twitter List, so if you are listed on there you may get or have been mentioned already.

There are now 131 Tweeters in the list and it is growing, of course if you want to be on the list you can always follow me on Twitter and then ask me to go on the list, but only if you are a blogger 😉

So, do you have your own “Daily”? Have you found it useful?

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Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham