Real Steel – Bot Bashing Action All The Way – Movie Review

Those of you who read Blazing Minds will have seen the post I did a little while back about the relaunch of the Apollo Cinema in Rhyl and the world premiere of the movie Real Steel, that I was lucky to see several weeks early.

So now is the time to bring you my review of the movie starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly (Kate from Lost).

Why Take So Long To Post A Review?

Well to put it simply, the film wasn’t out in the US until today and the 14th here in the UK, so I really didn’t want to jump the gun on this one (thanks for the advise @DrRus). So after writing this review I decided to keep it scheduled for the first release of the movie in the US.

Ok Let’s Get On With The Review Of Real Steel

Real Steel

After watching the trailers for Real Steel, my first thought was Rocky with Robots and I suppose it is a little, but suffice to say it’s a bit more action packed than the Rocky movies.

Another thought that sprung to mind was “[amazon_link id=”B00005BY8V” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots[/amazon_link]”, you know the game with the red and blue robots in a boxing ring, but again this theory was slowly quelled!

Real Steel, What’s It All About Then?

Ok the film is slightly set in to the future and instead of we humans bashing each others faces in to a bloody pulp, it’s now the turn of robots to enter the ring and beat seven shades of oil out of each other, all controlled by their human counterparts.

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So we are introduced to  Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) a boxing promoter who has really landed on hard times and owing money here there and everywhere, then to top it all he discovers that his ex-wife has died and he has an 11 year old son.

After his son, Max (Dakota Goyo), finds a beaten up sparring robot the two endeavour to take it to top and in the process bond with each other.

Now I have to admit that I was expecting the movie to be a little slow with the father and sone thing running through it, but I was presently surprised, the whole film moves at a good pace and doesn’t really slow down.

It really was an enjoyable film to watch, Hugh Jackman was as phwar as ever and it was nice to see Evangeline Lilly in something other than Lost. Dakota Goyo carried the roll off as the disgruntled son very well.

Real Steel Trailer

Kicking Some Real Steel Butt!

Obviously there is a lot of violence in the film, mainly down to the robots, but there is also a scene with Hugh Jackman getting beaten up, so this could be a little upsetting to younger children, but all in all I would say that most kids over the age of 11 will love Real Steel, it is a family movie at the end of the day, yes it has robots, yes it involves boxing, but it’s anice break from those constant movie remakes that Holloywood seems to be churning out at the moment.

So if you want a good film to watch that is action packed, emotional, packed to the hilt with some rather amazing robots, Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, then is certainly the film to go and see.

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Now on to my rating, I’m going to give the movie 9/10. Just for the fact that I haven’t enjoyed a movie as much as this in years.


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  • My kids really want to see the film and it looks pretty good to me. Though I probably would have released the review earlier if I were you only because your review post would have aged and probably fared better on the SERP engines having longevity for searches for real steel reviews. I am using my logic from posting about games where I did a post about StarCraft 2 1 year before it released and when it released that post skyrocketed so much traffic for one of my smaller blogs because the post aged and established rank.

    • Thanks for the heads up Justin, I’ll have to get my next review up earlier, as a matter of fact it will be up this afternoon 😉

  • Not sure why but this trailer really got me and I want to see this film. I won’t see it in the theater. I maybe go to the theater twice a year. I’ll wait for the DVD, but I’ll rent it the week it comes out.
    did you know there is an billboard ad for the Xbox 720 in the movie?

    • I did notice the Xbox 720 ad, future reference maybe? 😉