Rhyl Rocks At The Pavilion Theatre In Rhyl

Pretty Girl Rock (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Rhyl Rocks, well it certainly did last night at the Pavilion Theater Rhyl (@RhylPavilion) as collection of local artists got together to perform in front of an audience for a charity event for little Kyle Weaver 2 and a1/2 years old who suffers with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia this condition means he can not walk like all his friends can. His parents want to take him to St Louis hospital in Missouri, USA for an operation called (SDR) selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Money raised from the tickets (after costs profits) from Rhyl Rocks will go towards Kyles Miracle Wish, there are more ways to donate at the end of this article.

OK on to the show, first of all I would like to give a big thank you to Lee at Celeb Exposed (@celebexposed1) for allowing me access to the nights photos and I certainly look forward to future events where will be working together.

Act 1 Chantal

Chantal - Rhyl Rocks

Chantal (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Kicking off Rhyl Rocks, Chantal showed off her extremely powerful vocals and gave a strong performance, with several acoustic sets and solo tracks, very nicely performed. Chantal started the show off brilliantly and settled the audience in nicely for a night of musical entertainment.

Act 2 Legit

Legitt - Rhyl Rocks

Legitt (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Hip hop artist Legitt (@OfficialLegitt) really started pumping the tempo up for the night, with some good audience feedback, Legitt performed some great tracks. Putting himself across with the art of a true professional.

Carlay and Legitt - Rhyl Rocks

Carlay and Legitt (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Joined by Carlay with her brilliant vocals to accompany Legitt the pair really follow of each other like a match made in heaven, very nicely done. For the last couple of tracks from the pair they were joined by a freestyle dance and boy this boy had some moves!

Freestyling - Rhyl Rocks

Freestyle dancer (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Act 3 Carlay

Carlay - Rhyl Rocks

Chantal (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Opening her act with a high-octane dance track with some great vocal breaks and back beats, Carlay (@OfficialCarlay) joined by Legitt to bring in the rap side of the track. One thing you can say about Carlay is she certainly knows how to perform live and she ws a joy to listen to the second track Digital Girl, was a track with passionate and personal track for Carlay. She ended with a new track, that the audience loved.

Act 4 Gavner P

Gavner P - Rhyl Rocks

Gavner P (photo credit CELEB Exposed

I know Gavner P through Twitter and as with the rest of the artists in the show I do tweet out their tweets for #WelshWednesday, he was kind enough to give me a link to his work to download (review of that coming soon) and I was really looking forward to seeing him live.

Oh yeah! This is where the night really kicks in with Gavner P (@gavnerP) blasting a lyrical master class, bringing the audience to its feet and waving their hands in the air as well joining in with the lyrics. Gavner P knows how it’s done and he knows how to get everyone involved. Outstanding

Act 5 Kameelion

Kameelion - Rhyl Rocks

Kameelion (photo credit CELEB Exposed

I wasn’t sure how Kameelion (@KameelionMusic) would perform, he must be good he has a massive twitter following, suffice to say he didn’t disappoint, he performed with pure professionalism and style, great vocals and lyrics and plenty of self promotion (hey don’t we all do that, I know I do). He certainly got the audience up on their and clapping their hands with the beat.

Act 6 Pretty Girl Rock

Pretty Girl Rock #3 - Rhyl Rocks

Pretty Girl Rock (photo credit CELEB Exposed

Pretty Girl Rock (@PGROfficial) were the headliners of the show and it seemed the girls were what the audience were waiting for, with a grand entrance from the rear of the stage between pillars and exiting from a cloud of dry ice to full effect.

Now I’ve seen the girls several times and though some may diss them, they can certainly put out a show when it comes to the audience enjoying what they are doing.

Some great acoustic sets performed by the girls and comical banter between, they were also very professional when they had a slight audio malfunction, one thing I would really love to them do is produce some original songs instead of covers, they have the vocals to bring out some extra hidden talent with some original material. So come on girls let’s hear some of your own work ;) ;)

So There You have It, Rhyl Rocks!

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Rhyl Rocks in aid of raising money for Kyle Weaver and the show did have a great turn out and was extremely fun, I am hoping that this will the first of many and that there will be future Rhyl Rocks events with local talented artists putting in their time for charities.

For more information on Rhyl Rocks check out the Rhyl Rocks Facebook Page, If you would like more information on how the fund-raising is going for Kyle or you would like to donate, then check out the Kyles Miracle Wish Facebook page and if you would like to donate then you can at JustGiving.

Again a special big thanks to @Celebexposed1 for the amazing photos of the event and the bottle of coke (I owe you a drink).

Blazing Minds and CELEB Exposed will be bringing more events soon, so keep an eye out for those here on the Blazing Minds Blog ;)

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