RoboCop (1987) The Original Metal Bad Ass!


The 80s were a great time for movies and in particular a very violent and at some times black humoured movie from director Paul Verhoeven, yes folks, I’m talking about the original RoboCop.


It’s the film that a lot of us still love today, with its story of a good cop (Peter Weller) who is murdered by criminals, in possible on of the most gruesome cop killings in a movie in the 80s, who is then pieced back together as an unstoppable crime-fighting cyborg, who is tormented by the memory of his death and in turn goes out for revenge.

RoboCop – The Original Metal Bad Ass!

With the remake now out, see my review here, it’s time to go back to the 1987 original and see how the movie was originally done, yes there are those differences in the new version, but for me, and this is just my personal choice, I still prefer the original.

With its 18 certificate, RoboCop was one of those movies that had people amazed by the violence at the time, the film became a cult movie and spawned 2 sequels, sadly on RoboCop 2 was with Peter Weller in the main role, there was also a couple of TV Series, Robocop and Prime Directives.

But let’s face it, the sequels paled in comparison to the first movie, they lacked the feel that the 1987 movie had, the fresh idea of a cop brought back as a machine was wearing thin and the audiences just loved the first that much that the other seemed like a way of making cash for the studio.

So looking back to 1987, we salute Paul Verhoeven for the original version and yes he may have been criticised at the time for the violence, but RoboCop has stood the test of time and is still appreciated by the fans of the now cult classic.

With Hollywood inevitability of making remakes, it was a sure thing that RoboCop would be “rebooted” for the modern-day audiences, but unlike the original with its 18 certificate the 2014 has got a 12A, seriously, I kid you not!

Advice For Film Fans! (I’d buy that for a dollar!)

My advice is to grab a copy of the original 1987 version of RoboCop, it’s cheap enough these days as a box set of the movies on Blu-Ray, mine was only £5 when I got it, it’s a cult classic that has to be seen to be appreciated.

RoboCop 1987 ED-209

Forget all the modern usage of CGI in movies, the original was old school, even down to ED-209 being filmed in stop frame animation, yes folks, this is a film that is a big fave in my film collection.

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2 Responses to RoboCop (1987) The Original Metal Bad Ass!

  1. Jakes

    Hi Karen,
    Somehow Robocop fails to deliver whenever it comes in the form of movie. It lack the originality that the cartoon form had and it fails to raise the bar to a standard super hero movie. May be this is a personal view. Even the latest trailer of the new Robocop movie have failed to impress people like me ..

    By the way, as usual, your post was a nice write-up and you went into some depths aptly .

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