Rod Stewart Is Ready To Be A Dad Again With Penny Lancaster!

Bit of entertainment  news for you all on my blog today, just for a change 😉

Believe or not singer Rod Stewart (65) and wife of three years Penny Lancaster (39) are expecting their second child. The couple already have a son, Alastair, who is four years old.

In a statement the couple said “We were thrilled and delighted to be able to tell Alastair that he was going to be the big brother to a little baby”

The couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary in the Italian town of Portofino when they found out about the pregnancy.

According to sources the baby is due just after Rod’s 66th birthday, now that is a wonderful birthday present 😉

Rod Stewart already has five children from his previous relationships, from his first wife Alana Hamilton he has a son and daughter. In 1987 he had daughter with the model girlfriend Kelly Emberg.

He also has two children from his marriage with Rachel Hunter which finished in a divorce, then the child he had in the early 60’s that was adopted.

So hats off to Rod Stewart a true rocker who just keeps going 😉

Karen Woodham
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  • Charles

    What? I thought he was more like a gazillion years old. Shouldn’t this guy be having grand children by now? Some people just need to learn to stop sometimes. LOL.

  • Chris

    “So hats off to Rod Stewart a true rocker who just keeps going” If he would have kept that hat on there might not be so many little Stewarts. 🙂

    • 😆 Oh that’s just so wude 😉 😆

  • So when his newborn reaches the age of 21 he will be 86! Oh well, if they are happy together and can provide a good life for their children then why not…

  • I know he’s a rocker and he’s old and can afford to support any babies that he (or rather she) has but seriously, he needs to keep it in his pants.

  • Gwenrule62

    Please, Rod, stop. Who’s going to be around to be a dad to these kids? Just because he has money doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be thinking about that. I wonder if its just an ego thing. Sorry, I’m not usually so critical. But really–does he just assume someone else will be around to take care of them, like his wives?

  • Cindy

    People like Rod should know when to stop… hopefully this is his last child lol

    • Chris

      You never know – I heard about a 98 year old in Japan that had a child…

      I don’t know anything about Rod Stewarts family life but Penny is still young so why not have a child. People joke about age and all that but really as long as you are a supportive loving parent maybe it isn’t so bad, but then again it isn’t really fair to the kid if his/her dad might not be there to see them graduate. It’s a debatable issue.

  • ceefive

    If I was the child and I discover I had an old dad, whether he lives or dies sooner, I’ll just be grateful that I was born. 🙂

  • Kathy

    Just like everyone else, I hope that I have as much energy at age 65 as Rod Stewart does. I think he is still pretty sexy, especially for his age. He can afford more kids so more power to him. The world could use a few more like him.

  • Ooof. I’m sorry, but just don’t really like the visual that corresponds with Penny becoming “with child.”