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Molly (Miley Cyrus) lives with her dad who is an ex-cop with a gambling problem, in her new movie So Undercover and her private eye job helps pay for his problem or at least try to help him with it. The FBI comes to Molly for her help to go undercover in a college, cue the makeover section of the film where she is made over to look like a student.

Sadly this type of film has been done before and also so much better, it does seem that Miley Cyrus has hoped that “So Undercover” is a move to a slightly older fan base, probably those that have grown up with Miley Cyrus over the years.

The film plods along with several cut scenes that would fit in a music video, with little substance the film is predictable and a little lacking on a well written script.

Miley Cyrus So Undercover

So Undercover Blazing Minds Film Review

Sadly I do have to say that So Undercover is going to be up there for a terrible film reward and possibly the end of Miley Cyrus’s film career.

I really can’t pull myself to giving the film one of my big reviews, as I can’t really bring myself to typing up an article that will give the film any justice, it’s a failure the acting is wooden, the story is, oh hang on is there really a plot for the story!

I don’t like giving films very low ratings, but sadly this has to be one of those films and one which I know will be picked up on the Miley Cyrus fans, but you guys need to see a well made movie to see how the professionals do it and further more what was Jeremy Piven thinking of when he agreed to do “So Undercover” he’s done so much better in the past!

Overall Thoughts For So Undercover

Fans of Miley Cyrus are probably going to enjoy So Undercover, but if you are looking for a college sorority movie then for my advice watch the amazingly funny and classic “Animal House“.

Apollo Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 1

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