Star Wars In 3D – Got My 3D Pod Racing Glasses And My Preview Tickets!

Star Wars in 3D is the buzz racing around the internet at the moment, it was trending on Twitter only the other day and it also seems that lots and lots of people are getting excited about the release of The Phantom Menace on the 10th February, I’m getting excited myself 😉

Ready for my Pod Race

Ready for my Pod Race (Photo credit: Blazing Minds)

So the other day I popped in to @ApolloCinemas Rhyl and picked up my special Pod Racing 3D glasses, which @SlappyBear seams to have claimed for himself, cheeky little bear, I will probably have to fight him to get them back, now where did I leave my light sabre 😆

Star Wars In 3D – Got My 3D Pod Racing Glasses And My Preview Tickets!

Today, I stopped in at Apollo Cinemas Rhyl to pick up my tickets for the preview showing of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace  which is on the 9th February at 8:30 pm, suffice to say I really can’t wait, there are so many scenes that I’m hoping will really look really good in 3D, the trailer showing the Pod Race in 3D looked pretty awesome, so fingers crossed for the rest of the movie.

Star Wars in 3D

That’s two premier seats, yes the comfortable leather reclining seats, what can I say you’ve got to have the best 😉 😉

Now the question is! Who is going with me, now I’m not too sure to be honest, I was with my wonderful mum when I picked up the tickets and I said to her, “Are you sure you want to see Star Wars?”, “Yes” was her response, then after getting home she looked at me in a vacant way and said, “Star Wars! I hate Star Wars!”. Seriously mother, come on!!!!!

So now that I have the two tickets I may have to put a call out to my Facebook friends and see if anyone wants to join me for it, what will probably be THE 3D movie release of 2012 😉 We will see, it all depends on what kind of generous mood I’m in 😉 😉

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D Reviewed

Look out on the 10th February for my full-blown review and experience of the first in the series of the Star Wars films to get the 3D conversion treatment and also watch my twitter, @BlazingMinds, on the 9th for tweets of the event itself 😉

But until then, may the force be with you……

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  • Harriet

    I absolutley cannot wait for this! I remember seeing it in the cinema when it first came out in 1999 and loving it, even though it was quite scary for an eight year old to see! I can’t wait to see it again so I can appreciate it more, and its going to be absolutley epic in 3D.

  • I was hoping that they would release “A New Hope” first as that was my first Star Wars film in the cinema when I was *cough* 😆 But I suppose George Lucas has decided it may be best to go in Episode count for the re-releases this time round 😉

  • bbrian017

    Oh this is so funny with Slappy bear, haha I’m laughing so hard right now. I didn’t get to see the 3D movie but I do plan on watching star wars soon.

  • Thanks Brian, @SlappyBear is a cheeky so and so, I wouldn’t mind but he’s already got a pair of 3D glasses!!!

  • Oh, honestly, I haven’t seen Star Wars. But I see it everywhere over the web. I’ll see it for sure now.

  • Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my review next week 😉 😉

  • Sure. I thought you know that, I’m a regular reader of your site. 😀

  • I know you are 😉 😉 😆

  • Shane Ryans

    I am totally going to see the release of it and Can’t wait. It is always best in the theater.

  • Grady Pruitt

    My brother thinks I’m a Star Wars nut (Which I am, but that’s beside the point), but I’m not that interested in this. Now, this could just be me not really getting the 3d affect anyway, but it just seems to me to be Lucas taking advantage of a “trend” to make more money.

    Now, if he were talking of releasing the original (un-edited) trilogy on blu-ray…

  • I have to agree with you there Shane, Star Wars is fantastic on the big screen, it’ll be nice to see them all again on the big screen and this time on a Sony 4K system with DD7.1 😉

  • An un-edited release on Blu-Ray, I wonder if that will ever happen! I’d be in like a shot for that box set 😉

  • Caleb

    I have been waiting for this one and I think the best 3D scenes will be the underwater scenes with JarJar and of course the final fight scene!

  • Caleb

    I have been waiting for this one and I think the best 3D scenes will be the underwater scenes with JarJar and of course the final fight scene!

  • Jean

    That’s awesome, hope you have a great time! I too can’t wait to see the Phantom Menace in 3D. It is one of my favorite Star Wars movie and watching it in 3D should be a treat!


  • Thanks Jean, should be a good night, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of turn out it gets tonight 😉

  • Sadly though John, 2D to 3D conversion still has a way to go, both the 3D converted films I’ve seen so far have been a bit of a let down and still seemed rather “flat”, I think the latest trend of converting is down to Hollywood running out of ideas 😉