Steve Hewlett, Simon Cowell and the Mug World Tour Talk To Blazing Minds

Steve Hewlett and Somin Cowell

So early in the morning I contacted Steve Hewlett about sadly not being able to make hist show at the Rhyl Pavilion and asked him if he would like to pop in to my local Coffee Lounge to meet up and do some photos for the Mug World Tour.

He kindly agreed, to meet up and so at 4pm Steve arrive at Relax Coffee Lounge in Rhyl and was accompanied by none other that Simon Cowell! Well sort of, it was the puppet that he uses in his show of Simon Cowell.

I introduced Steve, and Simon, to Ben Green the man behind the Mug World Tour and they talked a little about it and Steve mentioned that he likes to show his support for various things while touring with his show “Thinking Inside The Box“.

Suffice to say, while all this was going on, people who were walking past the Coffee Lounge, were stopping and double taking and a few were saying, “Hang on, isn’t that the guy from Britains Got Talent, it is, oh my God, I’ve got to get a photo!”, Steve was very accommodating  and passers-by sat with him to have their photos taken with him and Simon Cowell.

Steve Hewlett_062714_002

Steve Hewlett, fresh from his stunning appearance on Britains Got Talent, now embarks on a major theatre tour with his hilarious friends.

From talking hands, to bottles of water, from Arthur Lager to Little ‘Simon Cowell’, Steve and his creations won the hearts of the nation and wowed the judges in the BGT final.

Now Steve and his cast of zany characters, along with international award-winning illusionist Richard Griffin, take a brand new, spectacular show on the road to delight and amaze the whole family.

Steve Hewlett, Simon Cowell and the Mug World Tour

So as I mentioned earlier Steve popped in for a chat and to have his photo taken with a mug that is doing the rounds around the world with many others having their photo taken with it, such as the amazing Alice Cooper.

Steve Hewlett_062714_001

What started off as a prank between father and son turned into a World wide fund-raiser for the Renal Department at Glan Clwyd Hospital in North Wales with the mug travelling globally and raising money in all the places it visits and as the mug had “landed” in Relax Coffee Lounge in Rhyl what better opportunity for a great photo opportunity with Simon Cowell, I mean Steve Hewlett as he was in Rhyl for his show at the Pavilion theatre.

I have to say a massive thank you Steve for agreeing to stop by and take the time off from his busy schedule to meet up with me, Ben Green (Mug World Tour) and the staff and owners of Relax Coffee Lounge. Steve is such a great guy and we certainly had a laugh while him and Simon were guests, just hope Simon enjoyed that drink in the mug.

If you get chance to check out Steve and his show, then get to one, he certainly had us all laughing in Relax today and what a really nice guy.

You can follow Steve on Twitter at @ventriloquist29 and follow the Mug World Tour at @MugWorldTour.

Thanks again Steve you’re a star.

Images © Karen Woodham (Blazing Minds)

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Great article Karen. Thanks for setting it up for us. We’ll done. ????

  • Thank you Mandy, my pleasure, big thanks must go to Steve for agreeing to help us out with this one 😉

  • jay

    awesome article,the guy is really good,i wish him well for the show,and as for you blazing minds keep up the good work.!!

  • Amazing article, we had a nice time this afternoon. Steve and Simon were so funny it was great to have met them.. Karen, Amanda thank you for making my family feel so welcome at Relax. Its such a wonderful place to come to and Relax. Karen you are a star and thank you all for your support.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Love it Karen 😉 Great idea you and Steve hatched! Just a tiny bit o’ creativity and the willingness to create something funny makes you memorable. Thanks!

  • Thank you for stopping by the website, it was great to finally meet you all, hope you have a brilliant weekend.

  • Thank you Ryan, I was over the moon when Steve agreed to stop by, for our informal chat and photo shoot 😉

  • Thank you Jay, such a shame that you missed Steve and Simon Cowell 😉 😉

  • How lovely to meet up with him and how nice that he was do accommodating with his fans. I love it when celebs are humble.

  • It’s always nice when they turn up and aren’t demanding and just so down to earth, he was lovely.