The Last Exorcism II [New Poster and Trailer]

The Last Exorcism II

So there I was reading through my emails when I noticed the arrival of the brand new UK poster for hotly anticipated sequel, The Last Exorcism II.

Now I always like to share the movie news with you all, so I could I not bring you the new poster for the film and as an added bonus the trailer for the follow-up to The Last Exorcism.

The Last Exorcism II [Poster]

The Last Exorcism II (poster)

In UK cinemas from the 7th June, the film picks up where its predecessor left off, with Nell (Ashley Bell) trying to recollect what occurred as she awakens from the terrifying events of the original movie.

Directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, presented by Eli Roth and STRIKE, it seems that the film is going to be a bit of a shocker for audiences, let’s face it we could do with some shockers in the cinemas these days.

I can’t say too much about the film as it’s not released yet, but suffice to say that there will be review here on the Blazing Minds blog when it’s released in cinemas here in the UK on the 7th June.

But for just for a bit of a teaser for The Last Exorcism II, you ill have to feast your eyes on the trailer, whether you watch it behind your hands or a pillow, is entirely up to you, but after you’ve seen the trailer, I would love to get some comments going on what you think of the trailer and did you see the first film.

The Last Exorcism II [Trailer]

Don’t forget to check out the, The Last Exorcism II facebook page, for more info on the film.

OK, now it’s over to you, what did you think of the poster and the trailer? Does it look scary? Will you be going to see The Last Exorcism II when it’s released in UK cinemas?

Right then, let’s see those comments ;)

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