Tony Scott Dead At The Age Of 68 After Jumping From Los Angeles Bridge

Tony Scott

68-year-old director/producer leapt  from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island.

It was sad news to wake up to this morning as the news came in that British film director Tony Scott had died after jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles.

Tony Scott was best known for his Hollywood blockbusters such as Top Gun, Days Of Thunder and Beverly Hills Cop 2 and he was the younger brother of Ridley Scott.

Tony Scott

Lieutenant Joe Bale of Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said Scott’s death was being treated as a suicide.

Tony Scott Dead At The Age Of 68 After Jumping From Los Angeles Bridge

A US Coast Guard spokeswoman told the local newspaper The Daily Breeze that a suicide note was found inside Scott’s car, which was found parked on an eastbound lane of the bridge.

Tributes have flowed from the celebrities on Twitter and heart-felt messages are also coming along from the public for the tragic loss of Tony Scott.

Director Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) paid tribute to Scott, writing on Twitter: “No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day.”

After several hours after members of the public had seen him jump from the bridge and they alerted emergency services, a dive team pulled Tony Scott’s body from the water

Tony Scott, lived in Beverly Hills, was married to the actress Donna Scott, with whom he had twin sons.

Scott was born in North Shields, one of three sons born of Elizabeth and Colonel Francis Percy Scott.[3][2] At the age of 16, Tony appeared in Boy and Bicycle, a short film marking the directorial debut of his then 23 year-old brother Ridley. He followed in his elder brother’s footsteps, studying at Grangefield School, West Hartlepool College of Art and Sunderland Art School, the last for a fine arts degree. He subsequently graduated from the Royal College of Art, fully intending to become a painter. It was only the success of his elder brother’s fledging television commercial production outfit, Ridley Scott Associates (RSA), that turned his attentions towards film. (via Wikipedia)

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Tony Scott ‘was told he had inoperable brain cancer’ before bridge suicide

It has been revealed by sources close to him that Tony Scott had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and had killed himself to spare his family from the pain of watching his slow death.

Earlier this summer Tony Scott had been in to hospital for a hip operation, or so his friends had been told, but after he had previously kicked cancer, his friends did start to wonder if it was back.

‘He has been suffering from cancer and he had a relapse,’ a source told the New York Post. ‘He wasn’t depressed, he was a lovely guy. On Sundays everyone went to his house, there would be the guy who worked in his local restaurant sitting by the pool by Michael Caine.’


As some of you may have notice in the comments section, thanks to Thomas for bringing this to our attention, TMZ have posted up that Tony Scott’s family have said that NOT have inoperable brain cancer, or for that matter brain cancer at all  …

TMZ has learned … Scott’s wife told investigators the rumor that Tony had inoperable brain cancer is “absolutely false.”

Although the autopsy results have been deferred pending more tests, our sources say there is no evidence of brain cancer.

What’s more … we’re told Scott’s wife says Tony did not have any other severe medical issues that would have caused him to take his own life.

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  • Slappy Bear

    I was so shocked when I saw this go out on your twitter earlier today, it was certainly out of the blue! My hearts and thoughts go out to all in the Scott family.

    • I think it shocked everyone.

  • It is really sad. He has been directing/produced some of my favorite movies. Always sad when someone find this the only solution left to choose. R.I.P

  • I was going to mention the change in information as well but Thomas beat me to it. Still, very strange stuff, and there has to be a reason.

    • Thanks Mitch and Thomas, I’ve been away reviewing a concert didn’t get chance to update the post, but I will today 😉