Twitter Celebrities And The Big Question Why Do They Bother?


I remember those early days when Twitter first came to light in around 2006 and though I wasn’t sure about it, I left it for a little while, but then finally bit the bullet and joined in with the “tweeting” madness.

Though at first I didn’t really get it and I don’t think many people did what it was all about, I stuck with it, then years down the line when I started my blog I dropped my, little followed, account and Started up @BlazingMinds, though it has had a name change to fit in the branding of the blog.

Twitter Celebrities And The Big Question Why Do They Bother?

So those of us who have been using Twitter for years were then overwhelmed with the celebrities discovering this “new” application for them to promote the hell out of themselves and their works, TV Shows, Films etc.

But as with most celebrities they are a one-way street, with the majority of them sticking together in close groups of fellow Twitter Celebrities and only communicating with each other and totally ignoring their loyal fans and followers, with the exception of a few Twitter Celebrities such as @LadyGaGa and @GunnerGale most Twitter Celebrities just don’t bother!

Mass Twitter Followers And Not Enough Time On Their Hands

Ok we know that the big Twitter Celebrities have millions of fans and it can be impossible to answer everyone that tweets them, but some don’t even bother at all, but do they care, I don’t think they do as long as their follower counts are on the increase, their album sales are still making them stacks of money and they can live in luxury, then why should they care.

It can be impossible for them to reply to those tweeting to them in the masses, but at least some should respond, even big businesses can find time to answer questions regarding services etc, even if it takes a while they do reply.

Do We Really Care?

Too be honest, no! But what annoys me is when you hear a lot of the celebrities banging on about that they are on Twitter, they are almost making out it’s something new and don’t tell your fans they can get in touch with you via Twitter if you aren’t even going to bother tweeting back.

Contrary to belief, Twitter is not a one-way street, it’s also about communication! The same is also starting to happen on FaceBook with celebrities saying “Yes you can get in touch with me on Facebook as well”, yes that may be true, but you do ignore your fans, so why bother!!!!

Over To You My Fellow Tweeters And Blog Readers

So what do you think? Do you follow any Twitter Celebrities? Do they follow you back? Do they communicate with you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts , so leave you comment and lets see what everyone thinks of the Twitter celebrities 😉

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Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Emm

    I follow very few celebrities on Twitter for this very reason. I have had the fantastic experience of celebrities I love friending me on Twitter following a review or story I’ve posted but that is usually quite rewarding. The absolute exception is Anthony Horowitz, one of my favourite authors. I would follow him regardless because I want the tidbits of info he is giving about his oncoming book.

  • Thanks for your input Emm, I follow some Celebrities, but they do communicate back 😉

  • I followed loads of celebs when I first joined Twitter but soon unfollowed again within days. Only follow a few now and have had messages from several. There are a lot of stars who follow back and communicate with followers, they are very rare though.

  • It’s the ones that respond that I stick with, generally they are ones I have a similar interest with such as @GunnerGale, great for finding out the latest Walking Dead gossip 😉

  • So true. I only follow 2 or 3 of them, and that’s only because I think they’re intelligent and like to hear what they have to say. I wonder the same thing. Perhaps they just don’t want to feel left out. If their peers are doing it, they suppose they should be as well.

  • Thanks Anne, I’m using a list for the ones I like, that way they don’t fill up my timeline 😉 😉

  • I don’t follow any celebrities. Even my favourite authors don’t tweet anything worth reading 🙁 Then again I don’t think my twitter stream is much better! 😉

  • Jean

    This is something that I have wondered about too. How can they find time out of their busy schedules to respond to tweets. Sometimes I think they hire a secretary just for handling their twitter account!


  • I think a lot of them are run by their PR teams, but some aren’t and it seems the ones that aren’t are usually the ones that respond more frequently 😉

  • Alex

    I think most celebrities do have twitter account just to get more fame. They really care their name as a celebrity but I don’t think if they care about their followers who build more their career. Well, what really matters is we’re distinct from each others that we have different abilities to build our own.

  • Nicely put there Alex, I do have some celebs. that follow me back and tweet me, but they are the exception in the rule 😉

  • Samuel

    These celebrities do have many people that follow them. I mean lets be honest here. To be able to make every fan feel special is not their job. Ok, maybe through their music and that should be the best way. I don’t think they intend to ignore anybody, but at their level of success, I don’t blame them.

    I do follow many celebs on twitter and I do enjoy what they tweet, or if they are really them doing that. I did mention a celeb on a tweet, and he did retweet and follow me afterwards. I was pretty happy.

    Awesome article, there Karen! 🙂

  • Nickie Leaks

    I follow lots of celebs and I have only gotten a response from 3. However, there are many more celebs that reply to their followers, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Brandy and a few others.

  • Thanks for that Nickie, nice to know a couple more celebs out there that respond to fans tweets 😉