Twitter Impersonation: What To Do And How To Contact Twitter [UPDATED]

Report Twitter Impersonation

So there I was Tweeting away when someone mentioned to me that I was on Twitter twice and that one of my accounts wasn’t being used, this was certainly news to me! So I checked out the account and found it was someone with a blatant Twitter Impersonation account !!!

Blazing Minds Official Twitter Fake Twitter

Now you all know me on Twitter, most of you do anyway, you can find my Twitter here on the blog on the right hand side, with a feed of my tweets, even Twitter say to add you Twitter to your website/blog to prove who you are. So it’s bizarre that I would see someone trying to pretend they are me.

Without a thought, I shot on to the Twitter help website and proceeded to get in touch with Twitter on their website for reporting Users that are Impersonating you.

It’s quite easy to fill in the forms supplied by Twitter, first of all you will need to tell them that you are the victim of Twitter Impersonation:

Report Twitter Impersonation

The next step is to select the first option that someone is pretending to be you:

Report Twitter Impersonation 2

This will in turn open up a drop down to ask you to select another option, the option to select is “I am the person being impersonated“. After you have selected this, the page will open allowing you to enter all the information required to continue with the process.

[Tweet “Don’t do nothing, report Twitter accounts if you are being impersonated! #TwitterTips”]

Fill in your name, legal alias, common nickname, email address that you registered with your Twitter account and your Twitter name, if you have logged in with Twitter to the Help center then the latter will be filled in for you.

Now it’s on to the section to Report the Twitter Impersonation account:

Report Twitter Impersonation 4

Fill in the Twitter user that is impersonating you and other information as much as you can, such as which sections of your Twitter is being impersonated, in my case it was/is my name, bio, avatar, header, background and location. You can also add any further information that you think Twitter may find helpful.

Finally tick all the boxes in the “Required Statements” section and your information reporting the Twitter Impersonator will be sent to Twitter.

Just One Final Step For Reporting Twitter Impersonation

The last step is in the form of faxing over information of your identity to Twitter, this can be a passport or any other legal document, I emailed them a copy of my driving license which not only shows my legal name and but also my photograph.

[Tweet “Don’t forget to send proof to Twitter to prove it’s your account being impersonated. #TwitterTips”]

There are plenty of websites that allow you to send you documents to Twitter and several are mentioned on this last screen of the process, remember to also check your email for the support ticket number as you will need to write this on the copy of the documentation that you are sending Twitter.

What Happens Next Now You’ve Reported a Twitter User Impersonating You?

Now it’s all down to a waiting game, after you have reported the Twitter Impersonation, you now have to sit back and wait for Twitter to decide to take action or not, I reported to Twitter on the 13/03/13 a Twitter user for blatantly copying my Twitter account and am still waiting for them to respond, maybe if I was a Hollywood star or big TV star they would respond quicker, but I’m waiting and waiting.

What Can You Do In The Time Being After Reporting About Twitter Impersonation?

Firstly visit the account that is Impersonating you and select the drop down menu, next to the follow button and select “Report @UserName as Spam“, this will hopefully get the attention of Twitter.

Next ask your friends to do the same (I’ve asked mine), get them to visit the user and click the Report as Spam button, the more that do this should get the attention of Twitter to do something about the user that is impersonating you.

Have You Been Impersonated on Twitter?

So over to you, my loyal readers, have you been in this situation? If you have what did you do? Please let me know.


Today I had an email from Twitter and they have suspended the account the was impersonating, a big thanks to Twitter for responding and special big thanks to all of you that reported the account to Twitter as SPAM, you have all helped in with the situation and your help has been very much appreciated.

Twitter Tips From Me To You

So I decided to add another update to this article, bringing you a few little tips for you about Twitter Duplication/Impersonation:

  1. When you join Twitter or even if you’ve been on it for a while, make sure you have set you Avatar, Header, Bio and Background. Make it look professional and show it’s YOU!
  2. If you are worried about being impersonated, then my advice is to use a site like Followerwonk to search for your name and then check out the results, if you notice anything then follow the process in this article.
  3. Don’t ask Twitter to Verify you, they won’t, just ask them to remove the user, you can even ask your friends to mark them as SPAM to get Twitters attention.
  4. Stay on the ball and keep a look out, if you have become popular on Twitter then it is inevitable that someone will try to copy you.


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  • Mark

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. But what really sad is that up to now, they are not still taking any actions even though you have sent everything they need just to prove that you are the real Karen! As what you mentioned, maybe if you were Angelina Jolie, they will take immediate actions but life’s so cruel. 🙂

  • Thank you Mark, I just hope that Twitter finally decide to get off their proverbial backsides and do something!

  • I’m sorry Karen, what a pain to go through that! Great post and I’ll have to bookmark if I ever need it. I have not had that happen but have read a few others that did. Have they fixed it yet for you?

  • Sorry to hear that Karen but at least you reported the issue.

    Thanks for letting us know how to get this resolved. I haven’t had an issue like this before, but I now know how to fix the issue if it happens to me or someone I know.

  • Thank you James, it’s just a case of waiting now to see if Twitter actually do anything, but in the time-being anyone who would like to report the user to Twitter as Spam is most welcome to 😉

  • Thank you Lisa, hopefully you won’t have to use it. Twitter haven’t sorted the issue out, it’s now been five days since I first contacted them with the report!

  • JJ

    It seems crazy that Twitter haven’t done anything yet Karen, this user that is certainly breaking the rules that Twitter have set up and Twitter aren’t doing a thing!

    I’ve stopped by and reported the user as Spam, here’s hoping that Twitter start to listen to us all and respond to you very soon 😉

  • Thank you JJ, the impersonation is identity theft at the end of the day, so hopefully something will be done!

  • Richard

    i suppose one positive thing here, is that someone has seen that you are worth impersonating. I doubt I will have the pleasure! although sites like Twitter and Facebook are very very slow in doing anything for their users

  • I suppose that could be a positive side Richard lol

  • John Shannon

    I just read your article because I have just found out that I have had a similar experience. I have no intention of paying to send them (Twitter) a fax. Why a fax? The company is making it as difficult as possible without taking responsibility. Why on earth are they asking for id by fax rather than by email?

    Any Karen, well done for your efforts and the time you took to write about your experiences.

    Regards John

  • The point of them doing it via a fax is to prove who you are, to be honest it’s not as hard as it sounds and the only time you will have to do it, is if you are impersonated.

    There are free services to send a fax, so it won’t cost you anything.

  • Brigg

    Twitter supports SUCKS! There is a fake account with my sons photo and photo of my house. I have sent all info requested by twitter and they refuse to remove the photos. I dont care about the account. I want my kids photo off the profile. They refuse. POS they are!

  • So sorry to here the problems you are having Brigg, persevere with Twitter, with photos of your son etc they should listen have you clicked the button to report as spam on the account on Twitter?