How To … Watermark Your Social Network Shared Photos

iPhone Watermark Apps

We all do it, we take a photo using our smartphones and then upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr etc without a thought, but have you ever thought about adding a “Watermark” to your images before you upload them.

Why You Should Watermark Your Images

With the way a lot of the imagining uploading websites and apps that are available it is so easy for people to pull that image and use it on their own website etc, so by watermarking your image it shows two things.

1: That the image was taken by you.
2: A visible reverence to your website, Twitter etc.

Let’s imagine you’ve just uploaded an amazing photo from your smartphone to Instagram, someone sees that picture, shares it or even adds it to their website.

By adding text to your image as a watermark such as your Twitter name or your website URL will give the images the ability to pull people to your site when they see the picture.

But How Can You Add A Watermark With Your Smartphone

It’s not as daunting as you think, they are lots of apps available on iTunes and Google Play that will enable you to add a watermark in text or graphic format, so to help you out here are just a few to get you started.

iPhone Watermark Apps

So Lets Start With Diptic

Diptic Starting Screen

Diptic is really useful if you are using Instagram often, with the updates to the Instagram terms and conditions, it is ideal to add some text to your pictures that you may be taking and Diptic will allow you to add text to the images that you take, it will even allow you to take photos from within the app itself.

Diptic Adding Text

You can also add frames, borders and so much more to your images, you can also share your images, not just on Instagram, but also on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more. Diptic is easy to use and does have some great results when you tweak some of the settings, such as adding pictures side by side or four together and more styles.

Using iWatermark To Add Text and Logos


Now I do have to say that iWatermark is my favourite of the two apps that I use, where as Diptic is great for those, square, pictures that are uploaded to Instagram, iWatermark keeps the original ratio of the image and allows you to be a little more adventurous when adding your watermarks to your photos.

You can select multiple photos to batch add you text or logo watermarks, when adding a logo, it can be enlarged, shrunk and even rotated, plus you can even make the logo/text slightly transparent on your photo.

iWatermark screenshotOnce you have added your watermark, you can save it or upload it. you can save it to your phone, email high, medium or low quality, upload the image to Facebook, Twitter or copy it to your clipboard.

It’s quick and simple to use and once you have set up your own watermarks, they can be save to use on future photos and are listed in an easy to use selection list.

So There You Have It!

Just a couple of the apps that I use to add watermarks to my photos that I take on my phone, so what do you use? Do you use the same apps? Or do you use some other apps? Please let me know.

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
  • Great idea..I use TSR on my laptop and only watermark images I think are important. But I suppose I should really watermark them all.
    I’ll be taking a look at these apps.

  • Thanks for sharing this Karen!
    Watermarking images is a great way of bringing traffic and awareness to your site but I have always waited until I was on my PC at home and used Photoshop to do it.
    Didnt realise you could do it from your iPhone! – man I feel like a Dip(s)tic :p

  • Lol .. Love that last bit in your comment Alex, but seriously, with phones getting better cameras in them and with sites allowing others to pull your images, it’s important to show where they come from 😉

  • Karen, thank you so much for the post. I came up on the article absolutely randomly, but I am so happy that I did. I would never ever even think that there are apps for watermarking images. These apps make marketers’ life so easier and I am sure it’ll safe time.